That's A Wrap! Chef Wants Dough from Michael Jackson Estate

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Chef Wants Dough from Michael Jackson Estate

Posted Feb 8th 2010 3:21PM by TMZ Staff

Michael Jackson's estate just got served with yet another creditor's claim -- and this time, it's by an executive chef who's hungry for money.

Avinash Bruno Irde filed the claim today in L.A. County Superior court, claiming he's owed $8,300 for allegedly providing Michael with "executive chef services" from January 1 to January 13, 2009.

That's it.

So, the fans got what they wanted. Justice. Maybe not to the greatest extent...but Murray was charged and booked. That's taken care of. Now TMZ is going back to posting stuff like this. More articles about MORE people wanting money from Michael...etc. All I have to say is DON'T STOP BELIEVING. This isn't the end, okay? Peace, hope, and LOVE. God bless! <3
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