MJ hairstylist.....

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MJ hairstylist.....

  • on: February 10, 2010, 01:10:51 AM
I went to the library today and I came across an issue of Ebony magazine which happen to be a special MJ edition from Sept. 2009.  There were some personal stories about him.  I thought this story about him was cute.  His stylist was talking about how he came into her salon and she put up a petition so he could have his privacy.  She said that he kept trying to peep over the petition to see if people were looking at him.  She said it was 1981 so he still had his curl at that time.  She said when she looked at his hair it was kind of matted.  He was also very quiet and just answered with yes and no answers.  Anyway I guess she did his hair but she said that MJ insisted on slicking the front down and pulling down curls in certain places.  She said she wasn't a fan of him slicking his hair down but that's the way he liked it. :) Anyway later down the road she told MJ that he should get a salon put in his house so he could have his privacy and because she had to use chemicals on his hair.  She said that he started to warm up to her and he would call her by this nickname that he made up for her.  She said that when she would do his hair that he would sometimes rub her leg like he was kidding around with her and sometimes he would say to her lets have a swing.  Then he would dance with her.  She also said that he was very nice to her and that her and her daughter would stay and that her daughter even slept in MJ's bed.  She said that he would always bring her along and that he wouldn't just leave her in hotels or anything.  He would introduce her to people like Brooke Shields and some other famous people.  Sounds like he would be a nice person to have as a boss.
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