Michael Jackson's Case: Murray - Condemned Without Trial

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Well, Mo, that`s quite something to investigate further ...  :)

At first I just remembered the Julie Driscoll Brian Auger Song "Way down to Cairo" and the history behind  way back then (if slaves managed to reach Cairo, Illinois, they were supposed to be free). See "Huckleberry Finn" as well.

Excerpt from Wikipedia:
Sharing in the culture of the South, many Cairo residents supported racial segregation. In 1909, a mob of hundreds lynched black resident Will James. Racial discrimination remained part of the society. In 1969, Cairo was the site of an intense civil rights struggle to end segregation and create job opportunities. The threat of violence resulted in the National Guard being called in to restore order. The United Front civil rights organization led a decade-long boycott of white-owned businesses—which encompassed virtually all the businesses in the town. Its economy crippled by the boycott and the shift of traffic away from the river, Cairo has emerged slowly from the years of conflict.

Further: ChildbyAdoption tweeted lately that the name Conrad Murray would not be real, but symbolism (she advised google-research on both Conrad and Murray - well, there`ll be some interesting finds, like "The Beserk" - didn`t get deeply into it yet ).

But what about this (also from Wikipedia):
In 1916 Billy Murray had a #10 hit record with "When You Drop Off at Cairo, Illinois". Other songs that refer to Cairo include "Road To Cairo" by cult American singer-songwriter David Ackles, later covered by Julie Driscoll Brian Auger (Trinity); and "Way Down in Cairo" by Stephen Foster, the great American songwriter of the 1800s.
Josh Ritter's "Monster Ballads" also refers to Cairo.
In literature, Cairo is referenced in the 19th century Mark Twain classic The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (and briefly in Life on the Mississippi[6])and in the 20th c. fantasy American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

Any thoughts?
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great video
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