Michael Jackson's Case: Murray - Condemned Without Trial

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Quote from: "jacilovesmichael"
Yeah kind of like Michael.. a lot of IGNORANT people still believe Michael molested children even though he was found NOT GUILTY.

I think if we believe in a hoax, we must believe that Dr. Murray is a big part of it. That means he is NOT guilty of killing anyone. He's being used but I believe he knows it. He's a black man who would probably be honored to be a part of something to fight against racism and injustice in general. I think the hoax has many reasons, not just one. And I think they are all intertwined. That is why the whole thing is GENIUS.

I'll second that!  :D

And yeah, it's very unfortunate that so many people HATE a man they really know nothing about.  :roll: Honestly, even before I became a beLIEver...I was so torn apart over Michael's "death" but not once did I feel strong anger or hate towards Murray. People would say that he should shoot himself in the heard etc. Seriously?? That's cruel. ESPECIALLY since he has not been proven guilty. It's sick. Do they HONESTLY think that Michael would wish that upon Murray?? Even IF this whole scenario was real and Michael was dependent on the drugs that Murray administered illegally....would Michael have blamed Murray?!?! I don't think so. And Like I've said many many times before, MICHAEL IS NOT NAIVE. So all this crap about Michael not knowing "what's good for him." is  :roll: He is a very intelligent man.  ;) Shamone now.  :) That's one of the main reasons I don't believe he 'died of acute propofol intoxication'. He was a healthy person who enjoyed learning about the human anatomy. I don't believe for one second that he'd do something that would harm his body. He'd put his kids first.
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