Opus Winning Fan Tributes: A Message from MJ?

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Opus Winning Fan Tributes: A Message from MJ?

  • on: February 08, 2010, 12:55:06 AM
Hey guys!

This is a very long post so I just thought that I should let you know.

I've wanted to post this since I got here but I kept putting it off constantly because I was not really sure how to use a photo hosting program in forum posts but I have finally learned how.

Well… I thought I would share with you all these interesting things I have found about the Opus.

I have discussed this with PianoGames and we found some interesting things.

I would like to give you some excerpts from some of my messages to Piano Games along with personal views.

Message to PG on December 10th


I’m not sure if you have been paying any attention to what has been going on with the Official Michael Jackson Opus but here is some info.

It is the only book that has been endorsed for publication by Michael Jackson himself. (along with his estate)

They suddenly decided to add tributes by fans. >>>

http://www.krakenopus.com/family/michae ... ribute.php

I thought that this was strange.

Fans were able to post their art tributes here>>


They had to submit their text tributes via a form. The art first had to be posted in the Official MJ Opus Flickr group and then it had to be submitted by the same form used for text entries.

The deadline was originally set for September 30th (9-30-2009) but was then pushed to October the 12th (10-12-2009).

There were thousands of entries but here are the few that were chosen>

http://www.krakenopus.com/family/michae ... ibutes.php

The Publishing date of the Opus was…dun dun dun…. December 7th. On this day, the winners were unveiled and posted on the Official Michael Jackson Opus Website.

Of all of the entries that were submitted, they only picked 26 art tributes and 18 text tributes. Unfortunately, the text tributes are not available to view. But take a look at the winning art submissions carefully.

There are a few questioning the outcome of this contest. They find it strange that the deadline was extended because so few were chosen in the end. They also complain about how a couple of the chosen artworks were not worthy to be winners.

I thought that the #s 26 and 18 were interesting. I can understand a number like 30 or even 50 (representative for his age when he supposedly died)

But why 26 and why 18? Do these numbers have a special meaning? Is it supposed to be another clue?

Hmmmmmm…………… 18 and 26 huh? I did not get it then but I think it makes more sense now.

18 Text Tributes
On January 18th, MLK Day, we had a really important clue from the Jacksons. (The tweet on twitter)

26 Art Tributes
And then on January 26, we had the release of TII.

I can’t help but think that Michael may have had a hand in picking these winners.

The submissions chosen are at best, interesting. They seem to reflect Michael’s interests. The Opus is a very prestigious publication and I find it strange that those who were involved in choosing artworks that are to be published in this book would pick these submissions. I am not saying that these works are unworthy but they seem to be so close to what Michael is interested in. It's just a strange feeling that I have about this.

This may not mean anything but I think it would be worth looking into.


After I sent that message…I began to look at the art submissions and I started to see something quite interesting. I reversed them and I was blown away by what I saw.

Now I’m not saying that anyone should believe me or agree with what I say of these fan tributes. So don’t be so quick to jump on my @$$ here. And also, if want to just post to say that I’m looking too much into this, don’t bother. No one will convince me that this is all just a coincidence. There are just too many ‘coincidences’ in all of this for me to think otherwise. After all, this is a death hoax forum…why the heck are there non-believers here anyway? It makes no sense.

Piano Games also gave some interesting points about some of the submissions. Here is a video that he posted about it after I messaged him>>

Here are the fan tributes accompanied with what could possibly be the decoded message.

26. People (or an organization) were after MJ (this can also be interpreted as stress or pressure or even his concerns about the world and the evil things that have been going on)

So to escape, he had to

25. die or fake his death (La Toya said that he was buried in this particular outfit)

So that he would be able to

24. Go into the shadows/hiding/slip under the radar

So that

23. the sun/light will shine on the true criminal


22. MJs true self will be revealed with light and truth

But he

21. promises/swears (rainbow)

That he

20. will be fine even though it will be difficult (forced smile)

while he is on his

19. adventure/quest

All the while

18. holding the media (cat) back from covering Conrad Murray (rat) and the death investigation (yarn)

He is doing all of this while he carries out his plans for/ or may be at

17. Neverland.

He would like to stress that

16. He is alive (white divine, black earthly)

and that he has achieved


I would like to make an important note on this particular picture. The Artist submitted his work with the words Michael Jackson 1958-2009 written in white beside Michael and the Opus edited that out. If you look in the book or at the fan tribute page on the Opus website, you will notice this. They blacked it out.
This is how the art was originally submitted>>>

Now some may argue that it was done because it would not have fit. And I say that that argument makes sense BUT all they would have to do to fix that would be for them to just move the text a bit lower and closer to Michael. That way they would not have to insult the artist by messing with the integrity of the artists original work. But instead, they chose to remove it completely. And say that they did this to preven the date of death from being in the opus PERIOD. The Opus has no date of death at all. i know because I have one and I have looked through it.

But remember that

14. he is still watching the (his) world (the world of MJ, news, fans)

He wants us to know that his

13. transformation and revenge will take place

While he is

12. in disguise/in hiding

But do not forget that

11. it is all for L.O.V.E.

And with

10. a childs heart and innocence

He has been overtaken with a

9. cleansing spirit (those of us that water paint call this a watercolor wash)

As he is

8. In the room with us but in the shadows, his accomplishments (autograph card) will be in the light


7. his influence (his image made with tape) in all music/dance (cassette tape) will be acknowledged.

For this (death) to serve its purpose, he

6. can not show his face yet

Because he must first

5. gather support (power/energy) from fans and the people of the world

Note: This art contribution resembles the characteristics of two of the most popular Japanese cartoons called Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon. In Dragon Ball Z, the main character Goku has attacks in which he must gather energy from nature and the earth in order for his attack to be effective. In Sailor Moon, the main character Sailor Moon’s attacks depend solely on the power of LOVE and in many dire cases, the power of the love of her comrades. In Michaels case, it would be safe to say that he depends on our LOVE and support. I’m new to Micheal’s world but even I know that he is no stranger to anime. (Japanese cartoons) He even used them in his ‘Scream’ music video.
while he is still

4. in the shadows

So that they can

3. Come Together (Michael wore this outfit when he performed Come Together in Moonwalker)

And once his

(One and two were switched in the actuall Opus. The child’s drawing is #1 and the charcoal drawing of Bad era MJ is #2)

2. legacy stands strong and untarnished (looks like tarnished silver that is being polished)

He will make a triumphant

1.Comeback (resurrection) >>bunny =Easter=Resurrection

Here is another excerpt from a message that I sent to Piano games

During the time that I have been looking over these, I have been noticing a few things.
This contest was supposedly made to showcase different styles and ideas of a Global fanbase. The chapter that these are in is titled Global Icon

First I would like to point out the undeniable similarities between submission #4, #22, and #24. All three convey shadows and the perspective in which these are done is exactly the same. And also, #10 has the same mood when it comes to perspective and shadows. The following submissions also convey the same concept >Shadow and Mystery >>>> #2, #3, #6, #8, #13, #15, #16 #17, #23,
To me these are not relevant in trying to represent different styles.
They are all beautiful and they deserve to be in the Opus in my opinion BUT these were chosen for the purpose of relaying a message.

I will also break down where these artists are from. Seeing that this was a global endeavor, I found the demographics of the artists to be contradictory. Here is what I mean>>

Of the chosen artists for the Opus, 6 are from the United States, 5 are from the United Kingdom, (That’s nearly half of the winners from just 2 countries) 3 from France, 2 from Japan, 2 from the Netherlands and the rest are each from 8 other different countries.

I have found most of the chosen artists but I cannot find the artists who created #7 and #22. I wonder who created them.


It would be really cool if you guys could give your opinions. Maybe you might see something else important that I may have missed.

Anyway, I would love to hear what other believers think about this and the whole deal with the Opus.

PS: And yes I know that I’m one of the ones whose art was selected (#18) but I am not saying that Michael picked us to glorify my work. I NEVER expected to be selected and I was very surprised to find out that The Opus chose my painting. I was also not a believer when I made this painting and submitted it. So please don’t get the wrong idea here. I just really think that this is important for the believers of the hoax.

It’s always been and it will always be about L.O.V.E.
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Re: Opus Winning Fan Tributes: A Message from MJ?

  • on: February 08, 2010, 01:10:57 AM
Makes Alot of Sense!  Wow!
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Re: Opus Winning Fan Tributes: A Message from MJ?

  • on: February 08, 2010, 01:59:47 AM
didn't see the video. but the pics were enough for me!!!  :D  :D  :D
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Re: Opus Winning Fan Tributes: A Message from MJ?

  • on: February 08, 2010, 09:57:12 AM
I just wanted to say that your tribute is very cute :)
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Re: Opus Winning Fan Tributes: A Message from MJ?

  • on: February 08, 2010, 10:24:02 AM
Interesting interpretation. Whether the message is deliberate, it is quite creative of you (and maybe him) to deduct this from the art pieces that were chosen and how many were chosen. Whatever the case may be, I thoroughly enjoy the artwork that was chosen.
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Re: Opus Winning Fan Tributes: A Message from MJ?

  • on: February 08, 2010, 10:34:33 AM
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Re: Opus Winning Fan Tributes: A Message from MJ?

  • on: February 08, 2010, 01:34:26 PM
Thank you White Night! Those pictures aren't coincidences....
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Re: Opus Winning Fan Tributes: A Message from MJ?

  • on: February 08, 2010, 05:03:02 PM
wow that's amazing!!!
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Februray 6, 2010- 1st day on MJHD!!

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Re: Opus Winning Fan Tributes: A Message from MJ?

  • on: February 08, 2010, 05:25:32 PM
easter is a bit long to draw out this whole thing with murray though isnt it? I think the rabbit is there like alice in wonderland its got the info follow the rabbit like criss angel its hiding a secret just think easter would make people say hes trying to be too much like jesus im more inclined to think valentines day nice pics tho luv the one with janet and michael :D
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Re: Opus Winning Fan Tributes: A Message from MJ?

  • on: February 09, 2010, 03:24:37 AM
Thanks for the comments everyone!

Crazy Banana: Thank you! *hugs*

lookingfortruth: Yeah, I think that the rest of the art work was truly great! I enjoyed them and I still love them so much. ^_^ But there was some serious drama when the winners were announced on the flicker group discussion. >_>

Jacksonology: I agree with you totally. While I also think that I may have interpreted these incorrectly in some instances, I still believe that they are meant to give a message.

steffmaster1: Oh LOL...I was not meaning to imply that he would come back on Easter. Haha! I just wanted to give an example of what he might have tried to tell us. The rabbit is associated with Easter and Easter is associated with resurrection. In ‘This Is It’, there is a resurrection scene after Thriller. And then they play a tag from the last song on the Invincible album called 'Threatened.' The lyrics to that song seem to be another clue. >> ...'In one blink I'll disappear, and then I'll come back to haunt you'... What i said about the rabbit was meant to be read between the lines rather than laterally. The rabbit can also have a double meaning. Like what you said about following the rabbit because he has a secret. That's a good one too. I think that it's possible that he may come back on Valentines Day. But I would not be so quick to say what is too late or what is too soon. Only Michael knows when he will come back.
Oh, and thanks! I'm glad you like my painting! X3  

Again I would like to say that this is open to interpretation. I think that it is possible that Michael would do this. I just have a very open mind where it concerns the hoax. Lol ANYTHING is possible.

Thanks again for all of your comments! *hugs*
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