MJ's face/image on the UCLA emergency door entrance??

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MJ's face/image on the UCLA emergency door entrance??

  • on: February 06, 2010, 05:45:45 PM
i have looked over these photos for a couple of days and decided to post them..
below is a photo of UCLA medical center emergency entrance...on the glass door
it looks like an image or a face with dark glasses and red lips..i thought i might
be reading to much into it but i still see a face or an image there..
the position of the face/image it would appear he was sitting half way up
on the stretcher/or raised his head...just an observation
credit goes to Nina for the photo below from MJHD..she points out an arm and
the top of his head..i did some further viewing of the photo and saw the face/

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The part that's marked 'extended arm' is the reflection on the jacket the guard is holding up - as for the rest of it, I see no face.
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The whole glass door reflection.. there is one pic where Murray's reflection looks like he is still outside the double doors when has has aleady passed thru the doors..too far for any of his reflection to be shown. And the reflection shows him standing in front of a vehicle tire. He is no where near a tire, he was already between the sliding glass doors.
I'm not sure it is in the pics you have here, but I remember seeing it shortly after 6/25. And the picture was stamped with the photo group that got the ambulance pic...you know, the same group that had a bright red car reflection on the ambulance window when other video and still pics show NO red car anywhere near the photog as he was shooting the picture..he butt should have been getting run over if the red car was really that close as it was in the reflection.
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