Latoyah Speaks Again: promises to tell us the truth....

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Quote from: "bec"
Quote from: "Raven"
Quote from: "bec"
You see, it's all part of the plan. Murray MUST be charged criminally for this to work. I'm sure of it.

I don't think so! Murray will not be prosecuted for a crime he did not commit. In any case, Michael would never have an innocent person go to jail or get prosecuted just because its part of some "plan" of his! Remember Murray also had a lot of income and carreer/image damages due to all this.
So if anyone gets prosecuted, it will be because they actually committed a crime, be it: involuntary manslaughter, murder, or attempted murder. Which in the latter case, Michael could still be alive for instance in a WPP.
This is not some sort of game!

Oh right because the legal system in this country ONLY prosecutes guilty people, right? Be REAL careful before you answer.  
The legal system prosecutes people that are under SUSPICION. People are only found guilty untill a Judge or Jury rules so. You are being very offensive, like I wrote above, to even suggest that Michael is the kind of person that would have an innocent man get prosecuted or even go to jail for him!! So if Murray get's prosecuted, there are suspicions against him.

Quote from: "bec"
No, it's not a game. The media has tried and convicted Murray before charges are even brought, right? SOUND FAMILIER???

See this blog post for more info: ... the-truth/

Murray is an actor, Raven.
Yes the media can be You confirm it's not a game but then start talking about Murray being an actor...
You're insulting Michael and talking absolute nonsense, and then I'm putting it politely.
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You don't get it Raven. That's ok.
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