Who Broke the News to the Family? Frank vs Randy vs Murray!

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Who was it who broke the news to the family in the hospital that Michael had died? Frank DeLio seems to think it was him:  -

"As Michael Jackson’s manager Frank DiLeo walked down the white linoleum-tiled floor, he knew he had to impart the most devastating news of his life.
He explains the moment he realized that Michael Jackson wasn’t going to make it. “When the nurse came out and I looked at her and she looked at me, I almost fainted. She just looked at me and said he's not going to make it. He's gone. But we'll keep working on him until his mother gets here.” That nurse was the first one to tell Frank DiLeo that Michael Jackson was dead.
Walking into the family waiting room at the UCLA Medical Centre, DiLeo was greeted by the sight of Michael Jackson’s three children – Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and seven-year-old Prince Michael II.
Michael Jackson with his eldest children Prince Michael and Paris
As he shook his head, DiLeo said: ‘I’m sorry children, your father has passed away.’
A split second of silence followed before Paris screamed: ‘No, no, Daddy. No, no!’
Last night, DiLeo told how the ‘outpouring of emotion is something I shall live with for the rest of my life’. He said: ‘It was the single most painful moment of my life. I cannot tell you how difficult it was. Those children just fell to pieces. The emotions poured forth.
‘Michael’s mother Katherine was with them. They were waiting there together for news.'  

That's one story of his, here's another -

"He stated, “I had to tell Katherine first. And I told her with a doctor and a social worker. And it was pretty emotional. She grabbed me and cried and we hugged and cried together. And then I had to tell the children. In the meantime, I called Joe Jackson in between. But he'd already known. I gave him my sympathy, and I went in and told the children.” Frank DiLeo also said, “It was very difficult. I went in with a social worker and a doctor. And just had to say -- they knew, they knew. And they got up and I said, I'm sorry, but your father's passed away. And they hung on to me for a while. We all cried.”

 :arrow: HOWEVER AEG CEO Randy Phillips seems to think it was him: -
"Phillips says his next move “is to try to get the images out of my mind of that Thursday I spent at the hospital when Michael died, and telling his kids and his mom." - - - - "Philips said he was left to inform Jackson’s children about the singer’s death after his parents got lost on the way to the hospital.
 “A nurse came out and said, ‘Where is Mrs. Jackson?’ Michael’s parents weren’t there yet — they’d gotten lost,” he said.
 “They’d gone to St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica.”
Philips added: “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever lived through. I’ll never forget the look of fear in their faces.”

 :arrow: The Third Man Conrad Murray - It would appear (through the report for the Search Warrant) that he assisted in informing the family...
"Murray observed the treatment to Jackson at UCLA Medical Cener and assisted in notifying the family after Jackson's death was pronounced. Murray left the hospital after a while because he did not know that he was needed." - (At this time according to Randy Phillips, Murray was in a 'complete state')

Who do you believe has the better story? Frank, Randy or Murray? These men have played big parts in this from the beginning and it would appear that they're not on the same wavelength.
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Re: Who Broke the News to the Family? Frank vs Randy

  • on: February 06, 2010, 10:52:59 AM
ok if there is no hoax these ppl must be the ones on the drugs!! because I rememeber where I was when he died!! everyone who has lost someone knows that you ALWAYS remember every detail of that day..this is just weird
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ok...this part of the whole thing has always freaked me out. First off...would the hospital really let 3 strange men - frank dileo, conrad murray and randy phillips - be the ones to tell the children and mrs jackson that Michael had died? The thought of that just makes me so angry. They should have had better judgement than that surely to goodness. They would have known that other family member were on the way and waited until they arrived. Plus I saw pictures of Katharine arriving at UCLA at 3:30. Supposedly he was pronounced at 2:30 so what did everyone sit around and do with those poor kids from 1:14 when they arrived until 3:30. Wasn't Latoya 3 minutes away and she arrived with Randy...Then Jermaine was in the vicinity too so why would the hospital wait to have Katharine, Jermaine, Latoya and Randy all together and then tell the kids with their family surrounding them. Katharine Jackson is strong but she is 79 years old and this was the most devastating news she could hear. I would rather hear this news straight from the doctor as opposed to Frank Dileo who Joe Jackson says is a bad guy. Is this how hospitals handle such situations. They tell random people in the waiting room to go in and tell the mother and kids that their loved one has passed away. Frank had no power of attorney and he isn't family. He should not have been told a thing before a family member. I sure hope that Frank and Randy Phillips are lying because it's just terrible otherwise.
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