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Quote from: "voiceforthesilent"
Quote from: "karmaknowstruth"
Forgot to mention that could it be that until we stop believing in or reacting to the lies of the media Michael won't call them off of us?????

Doesn't matter if we hear news reports on Fox or NBC or BBC or any big one.  All someone has to do is feed them the lies and they report it.  IDK how any of them or if they do double check their sources before reporting.

You heard what Mo found out from the coroner that there is that 1% of someone dummying up a death certificate.  We are not there talking to the lawyer or murray or inside LAPD seeing the real truth for ourselves.  We're just out here in tv or cyber land getting sucked into whatever illusion they feed us.  

Don't you think Michael would be disappointed we fell for the crap?.  I don't want to be portrayed as a dummy in his big movie of how the fans stayed sucked in........... :oops:  :oops:  :oops:


Speaking of dummying up a death certificate - I read this online and found it interesting. Not saying...just saying. ... icate.html

Death certificates are occasionally used to fake a person's death for insurance fraud and to evade law enforcement officials or irate relatives. "Official" Los Angeles County death certificates, for example, were readily available in the mid-1990s for between $500 and $1,000 each. For fraudulent purposes, people have often used death certificates from remote nations and from countries in turmoil.

To complete death certificates, funeral directors first insert the decedent's personal information, including the name, sex, date of death, social security number, age at last birthday, birth date, birthplace, race, current address, usual occupation, educational history, service in the U.S. armed forces, site and address of death, marital status, name of any surviving spouse, parents' names, and informant's name and address. They also include the method and site of body disposition (burial, cremation, donation, or other) and sign the form. The responsible physician must then complete, with or without using an autopsy, his or her sections of the certificate. These include the immediate cause(s) of death; other significant conditions contributing to the death; the manner of death; the date, time, place, and mechanism of any injury; the time of death; the date the death was pronounced; whether the medical examiner was notified; and his or her signature. The death certificate then passes to the responsible local and state government offices, where, based on that document, a burial permit is issued. The death certificate, or at least the information it contains, then goes to the state's bureau of vital statistics and from there to the United States Center for Health Statistics.

Read more: Death Certificate - burial, body, funeral, life, history, cause, time, person ... z0eijh7ohe
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