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The true cause of Brittany Murphy's death is still unknown, but rumors have continued to develop about the star's health conditions in her last weeks of life. From claims of drug use to Simon Monjack's recent allegations against Warner Brothers Studios, there have been numerous claims made about what led Murphy's death. is now reporting that the key to solving this mystery is in closing the gaps of Murphy's medical history.

Although details of the toxicology report have not yet been concluded, The Los Angeles County Coroner's office is not waiting on the results to continue their own investigation. In a strange turn of events, the Coroner's office is trying to fill in missing links in Murphy's medical history.

When investigating Murphy's home, a member of the coroner's staff found numerous prescription medications in her bedroom. The list includes but is not limited to: Topamax, an anti-seizure medication sometimes used for migraine headaches; Fluoxetine, a medication for depression; Klonopin, an anti-anxiety medication; Carbamazepine, for diabetic symptoms and a bipolar medication; Ativan, another anti-anxiety medication; Vicoprofen, a pain reliever; Propranolol, to prevent heart attacks; and hydrocodone, another pain medication. Many of these medications were in the names of her mother, her husband, and other third parties.

Murphy had been under the treatment more than one doctor in the last months of her life. She was reportedly being treated for severe anemia and some other medical problems. When attempting to acquire medical records in the weeks prior to her death, the Coroner's office was only given records dated as recently as one month from the day that she died. Friends and family have told the pathologist assigned to this case that Murphy was seeing several doctors in her final months. Until records from those physicians have been obtained, the full picture of her medical history will remain unknown.

The key to what caused Murphy's death is most likely contained in her medical treatment and symptoms in her final weeks. Therefore, the Coroner's office is delaying any determination of the cause of death until the missing files are located and until the toxicology report is released
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