Brittany Murphy / Michael Jackson Similarities

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Brittany Murphy / Michael Jackson Similarities

  • on: February 05, 2010, 10:41:06 AM
Brittany Murphy's autopsy report could be altered after additional doctors discovered. Brittany Murphy's death at the end of December is still under investigation and the official autopsy report has not yet been released. There's much speculation that Murphy could have taken a cocktail of drugs that contributed to her heart attack. However, the preliminary autopsy report makes it appear as if her death was "normal."

TMZ reports that during the last months of her life, Brittany Murphy could have been seeing multiple doctors. This could pose a problem if she had access to various medications that interact with each other. This discovery could affect the final autopsy report, which is due any time.

Among the prescriptions found at Murphy's house were prescriptions for Simon, her mother, and various third party names. Could Brittany Murphy went and seen doctors using an alias? Could some of those medications be hers?

The investigators will pull her medical records from the doctors that she has seen, at which time they will then compare the list of prescriptions to the list of prescriptions found at Murphy's house.

Should some of the medications been obtained illegally, or prescribed negligently by a doctor, there may be a criminal investigation in to her death. Think of the Brittany Murphy case as little similar to (but not exactly like) the Michael Jackson case, where doctors may have overlooked certain risks that shouldn't have been overlooked.

Brittany Murphy's death investigation isn't passing drama-free. Her husband, Simon Monjack, maintains that Warner Brothers caused the stress that caused his wife's death. She was cut from "The Caller" and then later on the sequel to "Happy Feet." Monjack maintains that the stress and sadness of these losses in essence killed his wife.

And so he's doing what every American in his situation would do given the circumstance, opportunity, and access to legal counsel would do: he's suing Warner Brothers.
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