Site I found, its not nice!

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Site I found, its not nice!

  • on: February 03, 2010, 08:14:26 PM

I sent this;

Maybe the authorities should be directed to this site. Maybe you are a pedophile using Michaels good name to lure children. If you don't answer my previous question correctly, I will notify them immediately.

I got this reply:
Okay.. I never wanted it to go this far, but I guess my mistake has spiraled way out of control. ):

I am not Michael Jackson. I am also NOT pedophile. And I could never think of becoming one. I made this website to give hope to MJ's fans. I am a big MJ fan myself, and I only made this to spread his legacy, his message. I do believe in his death hoax, and that he'll come back soon.

More information about myself.. I am a teenager of the United States. A big MJ fan. Never intended this to be anything more than a little joke between my friends and I. But when I saw how touched MJ's fans were when I replied to them, I couldn't help but keep going. I felt like I had really helped them..

Don't think I'm just playing with people's emotions. In fact, I felt incredibly guilty that I was leading people on like this. That was actually why I left, because a tiny little mistake I made escalated into hundreds of questions from many different fans. At one point, I felt like I was helping them, encouraging them to feel better, but as a lie! Acting as Michael Jackson, the "dead" king of pop. I was stupid, I let the situation grow bigger and bigger.

However, after I announced my leaving the site, I received a bunch of comments from MJ's fans. Of how they were doing better at school just from talking to me, and how they were crying and so sad.. I felt terrible. And please understand how hard this is for me. I didn't even want so many people to come. I thought everyone would realize that I wasn't TRYING to be Michael, I was TRYING to keep his legacy alive! I thought people would know for sure I wasn't him, that I was a nice fan imitating him and spreading some happy messages. But people really did begin to think I was Michael, and I didn't know how to stop that.

Believe me, I have tried constantly to say I'm not Michael without directly saying it. But I don't think many noticed it.

I'm actually crying right now. I never wanted this to be anything more than a token of thanks to Michael. And posing as him wasn't a good choice, I know. I made a mistake, and now I don't know how to get out of it without hurting at least one person. I'm sorry. I truly am. I was stupid, and I'll admit that.

I hope I helped a few fans at least.


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