We Are The World - Behind The Scenes - Lots of Surprises?!

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Nearly 100 stars from Movies and Music joined together to remake we are the world last night and the whole experience was "documented in 3D video", using green screen, 3D cameras and several other technologies. The idea behind the video is to allow people to put themselves into the video, via a special online upload, and join the "We Are The World Family". Michael Jackson's children were invited to the recording, but as of yet it's unsure whether they are going to be included, their part was going to be to narrate a special poem at the end of the song, which Katherine Jackson asked poet Maya Angelou to write.

We're all familiar with the video and picture of Michael behind the camera at the end of Liberian Girl video and also the picture where Michael is behind the camera with Kenny O during This Is It. Now they are recording a new version of We Are The World, Lionel Richie tells us that Michael would be behind the scenes, rather than out the front.

"I know it's hard to believe, but if Michael were alive, he'd be standing behind the scenes... He would actually be behind the scenes, doing exactly what I was doing, just supporting and making sure everyone,. remember now this is another generation where we don't have that little circle, where we steped into the microphone and did our parts, you know this is an interesting., we had to capture them the way they are used to being recorded, so it was very interesting to pull that together tonight."

Quincy Jones says that "they are taking the song into the 21st century, because people get used to a song like that and they need to hear new voices and a lot of surprises...a lot of surprises. [Interviewer - "is it a little bittersweet because we're paying tribute to Michael tonight..."] We're taking care of that too.. we're taking care of all that.. [Interviewer - "Oh, so Michael will be in it somehow, someway?.."]  We've got it all covered, definately." - With this in mind it is rumoured that Michael's original vocals will not be featured, so this could be part of the surprise Q was talking about. Janet Jackson is recording seperately and sending her vocals, whereas the Jackson trio 3T were included in the studio recording.

It appears also, that along with Quincy and Lionel, Lady Gaga's producer, Red One is looking after the beat and mixing of the track, which has an almost hip-hop feel to it. It was Red One who recently said that he had worked with Michael recording brand new material and was hoping to release it sometime soon.

The song is due to premier during the opening ceremony of the Olympics, February 12th.

(Source, ETOnline)
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Re: We Are The World - Behind The Scenes

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WOW! During Olympics!!! Another worldwide event with Michael's message spread among millions of people! Michael! You are a genius!!!  :o
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Feb 2 2010 8:59 AM EST
'We Are The World -- 25 For Haiti'

Janet to sing Michael's part of the song!
Tuesday, February 02, 2010
Janet to take part in 'We Are The World' remake

Janet is expected to participate in a new version of "We Are The World" that is being recorded for Haiti earthquake victims
Janet, however, was not present at the session on Monday but rather is scheduled to sing her lines from a studio in Atlanta on Tuesday
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Iit´s really disgusting for me to see Quincy Jones there, before doing this statement in a Spanish news paper:

Quincy Jones - Michael Jackson was not so talented:

Use google translator.
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Quincy Jones is saving perhaps the most touching moment for last. At the request of Katherine Jackson, Maya Angelou penned a poem to be read at the end of the song. Quincy is going to speak to Michael's children about reading that narration.

Read more:
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i have gone off him
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