James Brown's tribute Grammys 2007...

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Re: James Brown's tribute Grammys 2007...

  • on: February 02, 2010, 01:43:46 PM
Quote from: "alovesmichael"
Quote from: "mykidsmum"
What the F%$CK!  You don't think they should have done that with MJ?  They could have brought out his hat and gloves...I feel like crying!  What the heck did we see guys?  That was no tribute!  It was AEG saying "LOOK what Mike was gonna do at his concert....3-D!  Now buy TII!"  This is what someone who gave their life FOR the Industry and the music gets!!!  I am so sad and so upset.  Piss on the Grammy's for that!

Talking about promoting TII, did you guys react when Lionel introduced the performance? he said a few things about Michael, WATW, and then he talks about the earth song clip and he smiles "cheekily" when talking about the TII concerts and. He continues by saying "which is now out on DVD" - wtf! He might just mean well and wants to encourage people to support Michael but am I the only one that noticed and found it a bit inappropriate since it was supposed to be tribute (not promotion)?  :o
I think it wasn't really a promotion. Yeah Lionel said that yeah, that is promotion. But all of this earth song and Prince and Paris their speeches were I think a message of Michael. Heal the world. Lionel talks about we are the world. They sing earth song. Prince talks not really about his father (ofcourse he does talks about his father but you know what I mean ;)) He talked about his message. Heal the world.
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