Brittany Murphy Husband Talks....see the differences to MJ

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This article was in the Uk Sunday Mirror today.

To me it highlights the differences in MJ and Brittany Murphey.

Her husband says he is SUING over her wrongful death... seems to me he really cares and is taking legal action for her.

Also.. notice how he says he has heard NOTHING from the coroner or the police, and her death certificate still does not state cause of death as they are still waiting for results to come back...  yet she has been buried already.  With MJ they waited???   :shock:

The husband of tragic actress Brittany Murphy has hit back at rumours spread since her death saying: “Why would I kill my wife?”.

British screenwriter ­Simon Monjack, who is suing Warner Brothers over the Clueless star’s death, claiming they “broke her heart”, said: “Lots of unkind things have been said about me. Some are funny or just ridiculous.

“It’s just so absurd. Why would I kill my wife? It’s kind of just weird, very, very weird.”

Brittany, 32, died on December 20 after collapsing in the shower at the Hollywood home the couple shared with her mother Sharon.

Police found a large stash of ­prescription drugs at the house.

But Simon, 39, said most of the ­medication was his, and the actress, who he said had been diagnosed with a heart condition, took only painkillers and anti-­depressants to control her moods.

He said: “She had mitral valve ­prolapse which is common in 40 per cent of women apparently and she had ­laryngitis at the time.

“Brittany took (painkiller) Vicoprofen and (PMT drug) Sarafem five days a week before her period. She had been doing it for 10 years.

“Most of the drugs are mine. I suffer from seizures. I had a heart attack ­coming back from Puerto Rico last year.”

Reliving his wife’s final moments, ­Simon said: “She died of cardiac ­arrest in my arms. Her mum was on the phone to 911, or 999 as it is back home.

“I was holding her and ­giving her CPR and she went and I kissed her goodbye. We were ­going to have children and move to New York next year. The night before she died we were ­deciding baby names and said if it was a boy it would be ­Oliver and if it was a girl it was going to be ­Sophie. It has just been strange.

“It’s really hard because I can’t bring ­myself to get rid of anything of hers – her clothes are still here. I can’t sleep. I listen to Radiohead and Pulp and Oasis – that British music from my past.

“I live with my mother-in-law and when you watch someone that’s lost a child it’s completely different to losing a wife. I love Brittany but Sharon and Brittany never lived apart. They were together forever and ever. It’s strange to watch her. We are still living in that house.

“We were able to bury her three days later. But Brittany was even late for her own funeral which should have been at twilight but the stars had come out by the time it started.

“I’ve got her little puppy called Clara who has more clothes than me. That little dog travels in Louis Vuitton bags and her outfits cost $300. It drives me absolutely crazy but that’s life.”

Brittany’s death ­certificate did not record a cause of death. The coroner’s ­verdict is ­expected in a few weeks.

On Friday, ­Simon filed a law suit against movie giant Warner ­Brothers, claiming they were ­responsible for ­Brittany’s ­“wrongful death” after sacking her from the film Happy Feet 2. He claims they piled stress on the actress by axing her, leaving her “heartbroken”.

But a spokesman for the studio said: “Any claim that Warner Bros Pictures was somehow responsible for Brittany ­Murphy’s tragic death is demonstrably false, reprehensible, and defamatory.

“Despite press ­reports to the ­contrary, Warner Bros Pictures and Ms Murphy never entered into any deal for Happy Feet 2, and thus, there was not a contract to cancel.”

Brittany, who ­appeared in films which grossed ­$100million (£62million) before she and Simon met, shot to fame in the 1995 ­blockbuster Clueless, starring alongside Alicia ­Silverstone.

After appearing with rapper Eminem in 2002’s 8 Mile, she landed a role in 2003 film Just Married. She got engaged to her co-star Ashton Kutcher – now married to Demi Moore – but they split up soon afterwards.

She was also in 2005 hit Sin City and was the voice of the character Gloria in the first Happy Feet film in 2006.

Simon, who was born in North London, met Brittany through a mutual friend. They married soon afterwards in a ­Jewish ­ceremony in LA in May 2007.

After Brittany’s death he caused ­controversy when he tried to persuade investigators not to have a post-mortem carried out on her body.

He said: “My initial reaction to the autopsy was, ‘They’re going to cut her open’. I couldn’t bear it. There’s no police investigation that I know of into Brittany’s death. I call the coroner relentlessly but we haven’t heard from him or the police since the day she died.”

Heartbroken Simon added: “Brittany was my life. It’s the biggest tragedy I could ever imagine. It is very, very hard to cope.” ... -22007040/
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Another interesting difference - Brittany's husband and mother were shown in an interview (I can't remember which one) and they were extremely emotional.  I didn't really know who Brittany was but it made me very sad just watching them. Compare that to those that were interviewed for Michael - waaay different emotions.
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The difference between the two deaths is like chalk and cheese.
All michaels family and friends just don`t look sad ,you may get a few that don`t show emotion ..but all of them ? if this is not a clue than i don`t know what is.
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I feel heartbroken just reading that article..  :(  So sad...

And true I agree - no offence to anyones feelings - but in my oppinion the Jacksons did not yet in any interviews to me seem real in expressing their sorrow.
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I hope nobody takes this wrong because it is difficult to explain what I am going to TRY to say.  And I am in NO WAY trying to say Brittany wasnt an important person and meant less to her family. Now, keeping that in mind.....The lack of emotions from the family and close friends of Michael really trouble me too. Not only was he the most talented and most beloved entertainer, but he was the kind of person that people couldnt seem to get enough of. We have seen people go in frenzies just by getting a hug, and girls fainting in his arms. Now, Janet has said that she keeps a bottle of his cologne so she can still smell him, and if Im not mistaken LaToya said something similar to that as well. What i am getting at is...Michael was a very loving and gentle person(as far as I have been able to see the past 38 years), and seemed to be the person in that family that would be almost impossible to live without.I would think that the whole immediate family would be almost inconsolable. And with that said, they shouldnt have been able to laugh the next day or bounce back after a few days or a week. When LaToya was attending the tributes a month after his death...when they played Michael singing "I'll be there" as a little boy, I would not be able to compose myself if I were her, but she smiled and laughed the whole time. He was the most beautiful part of the Jackson family (my opinion only) and to see them act like it didnt hurt that much is so sad to me and breaks my heart. I will end this cause I know I am just rambling on. Its hard to explain what I am trying to say.Long story short, if I was a brother, sister or parent to Michael, I would probably be in a depressed state and feel like my life was over (still). I know everyone deals with grief different, but c'mon, this family beats them all. I also find it odd too how not one of them ever say "he's with Brandon now" or any mention of moving Brandon close to Michael. With that kind of allowance, I wouldnt think moving Brandon would cost that much. But then again, thats just me. I would want my two deceased children together.
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The only justificatiom for their type of grief (The jackson family), is that they expected him to not live very long because of his lifestyle.  When Janet annouced to the world on the VMA's she looked to me as if
she was expecting MJ to not live very long.  Maybe I am wrong, however I will say that it was awfully suspicious that the family all wore dark sungalsses to an evening funeral.  Why hide your eyes the worl expects to see you grieving, unless you are hiding the fact that you are not grieving at all, and all of this is just a charade.
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