TII - The Adventure Begins (2009) or Beyond the Show (2010)

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So there are two titles for the DVD:

Michael Jackson's 'This Is It': Staging the Return- The Adventure Begins (2009) Released 26 Jan 2010 US
Michael Jackson's 'This Is It': Staging the Return - Beyond the Show (2010) Released 22 Feb 2010 UK


The link below is from the IMDb page for Michael Durham Prince one of the supervising music editors for TII.  He doesn't have a long list in his filmography so its easier to see the two titles than in Kenny Ortega's page.  You can click on each title and see that they are described differently.  Are they the same DVD with different names or will they have different content in them?

The titles seem odd if Michael is really dead.  Aren't we supposed to believe that 'the Adventure' came to a tragic 'return' ending halt, on 25 June 2010.  Why call the US version 'The Adventure Begins' like its the start of a Batman trilogy?

And what was beyond the show or should that be shows? A movie about preparing for the shows and a DVD/blu-ray about um.. that too?  

I'm thinking these titles have double meanings.  

Exactly which adventure, which return and which show are we talking about anyway.
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Yes you're pointing out something very interesting. I think that the titles refers to what happened in the countries mentionned. The adventure began in the US with the rehearsals and Michael's "death" and the press conference was made in London which is going only beyond the show not into the shows themselves. I think the content will be the same but it would be good to check.
They indeed don't take into account Michael's "death" (which is normal he's alive  :) ).
It seems there will be a third part...maybe even a fourth one. The adventure is far from it's end.
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We are here for you Michael and will always love you whatever happens.
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I have a feeling it simply refers to the release dates .. This is it was released in USA on 26thJan however we cant buy it here in the uk till 22nd feb .. i think its like the film Green street. Over here in Uk the film title was just Green Street however in USA it was released as Green Street Hooligans but the content of the film was exactley the same. i dont think there is any clue i just think the name differs depending on the countries release date
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I just want to say, "Hi". I have been reading for awhile now.
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