Some things about Tupac

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Some things about Tupac

  • on: November 29, 2009, 04:27:13 PM
Someone commented on the rare thing in the death of Tupac, then I did the research. I did not know, Tupac's music is not precisely what I like

On 07/09/1996 received 4 shots in a shootout in Las Vegas, 6 days after, died on 13.09.1996 at 4:03 pm, was 25. The cause of death .. respiratory failure and cardiac arrest, a day after his body was cremated.

There is speculation that the addition faked his death and leave tracks on their discs and books, revealing that sige vivo. He always wore a bulletproof vest, but for some strange reason, despite calls in a public event did not take him. You never saw any pictures of him in hospital. The press would be authorized to attend the funeral, which later was dropped. According to people close, Tupac would have a secure 72 million dollars in case of death that was never recovered.
There is one picture of her autposia, which was published in 1997 in the book "The Killing of Tupac Shakur", he said that it was false and that the photo is cut upper chest area down to the shoulders, are supposed to cut the area where the ribs are lungs, besides that it is illegal to publish a picture of a cadaver. His face is not shown in its entirety, is also said cuts in the pectorals are out of proportion with her body.

Tattoos do not match the photo autposia.
Tupac and the theory of number 7. was shot on the 09/09/1996, died at 4:03 pm, 4 +3 = 7, was 25 2 +5 = 7. The first CD that came out after his death title DON MAKAVELI Killuminati, the theory of 7. In the CD cover appears Tupac crucified, refers to the Illuminati, just placing a "K" at first.

His songs are meaningful social policy initiatives, this is one of his letters, "It's not east or west, it is black and hookers, power and money, players and which side disposable ....¿ are you?
6 shots are heard and drop 6 vanilla, do these blacks still breathing?, Are they still talking shit?, Damn cockroaches, these are well bring Raid Killuminati style, I'm Don makavelli.
"The knights of the west are coming for you, never had to mess with me, I want money, sex with prostitutes and grass, not to liberate descnasare my friends."
After the death of Tupac, most years have brought CD with unreleased tracks, as is possible?
Place this video just to look at the alleged picture of the autopsy, and all that comment is what the video says. I did the translation when referring to Michael because they are things that have already been discussed.

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Re: Some things about Tupac

  • on: November 30, 2009, 02:46:49 PM
I have noticed now that Tupac's books are in the library. I believe this was a new book. Can't remember the name of it though.
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Re: Some things about Tupac

  • on: January 25, 2010, 08:00:08 PM
1. all the number theories are a little far-fetched..i think he knew he was going to die cause nobody would  take side with him..
2. he didnt wore the vest cause Suge knight suggested NO..
3. 33rd grade freemason Jesse jackson and al sharpton were at hospital...and even a fake autopsy pic of MJ we have here..nobody took a pic of the real dead body of MJ.
4. even with his 72 million he would go nowhere cause the banks will see when the amount is taken..then they will react.
5.he would never shut up for sooooo long.we all know him..
6. a guy named casanova is singing in "Tupac" voice, so its very easy to say its his songs...
7. why is Tupacs brother who wanted to testify who killed tupac , was shot 2 days later?
8. Why did Suge Knight tell reporters that even if he knew who killed Tupac he wouldnt tell..
9. Snoopy dogg who was with Tupac two days earlier, told the police that Suge is the killer,...what happened you can see: his album "murder was the case..sellout to the devil"....
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