My thoughts on Haiti

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My thoughts on Haiti

  • on: January 24, 2010, 12:39:53 PM
In nature,
God ,....
any of the three I can answer ...
¿! That Haiti did to deserve this and everything that has happened throughout history!? :cry:


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Re: My thoughts on Haiti

  • on: January 24, 2010, 08:50:55 PM
What do you mean to say? You think this was Mother Natures fault or Gods fault? I don't think so to be honest, like I've said before I think HAARP is behind this in order of the US Goverment. Also the UN were in Haiti all long before this happened they were there in 2006 or 2007, Now I wonder why they were there... :roll:  :x
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Re: My thoughts on Haiti

  • on: January 24, 2010, 08:54:29 PM
Quote from: "MJLover1990"
What do you mean to say? You think this was Mother Natures fault or Gods fault? I don't think so to be honest, like I've said before I think HAARP is behind this in order of the US Goverment. Also the UN were in Haiti all long before this happened they were there in 2006 or 2007, Now I wonder why they were there... :roll:  :x

I agree.. Sadly.. But I think you are right.
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"Imagination is more important than knowledge" ~ Albert E.

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Re: My thoughts on Haiti

  • on: January 24, 2010, 09:26:53 PM
MJLover1990, if you may be right, what happens is that sometimes you ask God, when the answer is before us :(

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Re: My thoughts on Haiti

  • on: January 24, 2010, 09:46:49 PM
I don't think the earthquake was done on purpose, it's IMPOSSIBLE to know when a natural disaster is going to happen...or even to create one?
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Re: My thoughts on Haiti

  • on: January 26, 2010, 10:07:40 AM
This is in response to Boreas;

Underwater nuclear tests are highlighted as the triggering cause of tsunamis. And vice versa: cause tsunamis into discrete weapons of mass destruction, has been the subject of military research since World War II. The declassification of documents by some Governments, scientific works and a changing geopolitical map raise doubt about what caused the tsunami devastated Indonesia Which.
Artificially causing tsunamis to become powerful instrument of mass destruction was secret military research in the area of the Pacific, in an era In which all the powers sought the weapon par excellence, capable of carrying the destruction while tens of countries causing millions of deaths. The time witches would soon reach the Armageddon and launched a career Involving the biggest brains in the scientific world and most unscrupulous politicians lacking

During World War II was considered tsunamis - "big waves" - could be as effective or more than Atomic bombs with the addition of its absolute discretion. The place chosen for experimentation stood at the Antipodes, in the most remote region of the Pacific. In 1944-45, Professor Thomas Leech, Auckland, was Dean of Engineering for 50 years (until his death in 1973), caused a series of underwater explosions to boost small tsunamis in Whangaparaoa, North of Auckland.
The result was so amazing that, according to secret reports of the time, would have saved the use of atomic bombs if it had prepared a bit over time. This is the Seal project, Whose documents have now been declassified Disclosed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of New Zealand. The Français project not frozen and Americans after the end of the war, they drove it. Decided to send to the doctor to attend Leech atomic tests at Bikini Atoll and check if the explosions could be their throttle tsunamis.

Instead, I attended the Dr. Karl Compton, an American nuclear expert. It was so impressed that proposed to the Board of Chiefs of staff us continue with the project and count on the collaboration of the Government of New Zealand. Some scientific colleagues of Leech as Neil Kirton, confirmed the experiments of the creator of tsunamis. Small-scale tests confirmed that I could be devastating were. Since experiments continued in the more secrecy, with the complicity of the Governments of the region.

Early experiments
Among the causes that can trigger tsunami, are outlined reliably nuclear tests (explosions) underwater, said Lila Rajiva, journalist in Baltimore (to launch soon in their Monthly Review Press book The Language of Empire: Abu Ghraib and the American Media).
1.054-US nuclear testing has performed between 16 July 1945 and on 23 September 1992. Before 1962, they were in the atmosphere (on land or in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans), but most of them-839-checked under the floor. France conducted 193 nuclear tests in the atolls of Mururoa and Fangataufa, from 1966 to 1996 (apart from other four in the Sahara). Of these, 44 were atmospheric. These continued until 1974, and since then became underground. Experiments - Involving a nuclear major burden - are performed at a depth of 500 to 1200 meters in basaltic soil of the atoll. It will be Recalled that the French secret services were involved in blowing a ship and the death of two pacifists demonstrating against testing

In 1995 three residents in Tahiti - Marie Therese Danielsson, Pierre Largenteau and Edwin Haoa-harmed in their properties, sued against the French Government, Denouncing further nuclear explosions produced short term geological damage and winnowed atmospheric gases and Volatile fission products. Added that could cause landslides, such as Which occurred in Mururoa in 1979 and a great tsunami.
Land in this atoll detachment removed one million cubic meters of coral and rocks, which creates a cavity of 140 meters in diameter, and a large comparable to a tsunami wave, Which spread the Tuamotu archipelago and caused many victims in the southern part of the atoll . The French Authorities initially stated that due to natural causes. At the end recognized the so-called "on 25 July 1979 accident.
More than suspicions based
Tsunamis are rare in the Indian Ocean recorded seven earthquakes in Indonesia, Pakistan and the Bay of Bengal. The great wave of 26 December 2004 is the first since multioceánico Krakatoa tsunami in the 19th century.

Indonesia is an archipelago of 17.000 islands who settle in the so-called Pacific Ring of fire of the, where the plates meet and volcanoes explode regularly. The region is unprotected systems
alert left outside of the network of stations Whose center is in Hawaii. Data on seismic movements are considered secrets by some States, such as China.
The Theoretical Possibility of an explosion to occur directly Which launched the tsunami earthquake. Also, previous nuclear tests have been indirectly it.
The circumstances and consequences of nuclear testing in the area of the Pacific are classified as top secret. United States has not ratified the Test Ban Treaty (Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty), Thus leaving the door open for new experiments. Since 2002, year In which the multinational nuclear race - and no longer between two blocks-you secretly Reactivated many Pretexts for new testing in the region have been sought.

-According to Eugene Bingham, of the New Zealand Herald, tsunami experts believe that secretly tested a nuclear device outside of the Coasts of Auckland, 50 years ago, may have evolved the devastating effect.
Researchers of the University of Waikato argue that a modern experiment, experienced successor of war projects outside of Whangaparaoa, might produce more than 30 meters high waves. Dr. Willem de Lange, the Department of Earth Sciences, said that while a single explosion is not necessarily effective, a number of them could cause a significant impact. Reported that a group of University coast recently studied the likely impacts of underwater volcanic explosions.
His work concludes next eruption in the Auckland region underwater likely given the large amount of water that surrounds the city. But the tests showed that a single explosion in the Hauraki Gulf would not cause a tsunami. The waves were not high energy Because projected upward and not to the sides. Believes that the principle could be valid for the tsunami bomb. "Can not be confined energy." Once the explosion becomes large enough, all its energy goes into the atmosphere and not in the water. But one of the things that we discovered was that it occurs a series of explosions in the same place, would be much more effective and could cause larger waves

Islamic, major flood victims

The fact that the countries and areas most affected by the tsunami were mostly Islamic sparked the worst suspicions, if one takes into account some disturbing, as does the statistical considerations Analyst Jim Mortellaro. Muslims are a third of the world's population. Indonesian Sumatra coast where the tsunami was just more devastating part of the country with the largest number of Muslims in the world. Around 100.000 victims of the catastrophe were Muslim Indonesians. Overall, the Majority of the victims were of this religion, Buddhists and Hindus.
According to the statistics, 186 countries comprising the United Nations, the powerful feedback block Unanimous Focuses on 57 Islamic countries, Which are always aligned on the conjunction of USA and Israel. Rightly or wrongly, the Islamic world shook with the disaster and sought the causes of the tragedy in the sources of the anti-Islamic Which stream has declared war.

What has been after the arrival of the tsunami.
Unfurl rumors
According to the International Herald Tribune, December 29, computers of the nuclear test ban treaty organization offices received seismic data in the morning on Sunday on the earthquake that expanded the tsunami in South Asia, but were not reported Because 300 employees of the Office were on holiday. Why? Because they lacked capacity to act, pending the ratification of the Treaty by 11 countries, including USA, Pakistan and North Korea. During his press conference at the Jakarta meeting, the Coordinator of the United Nations for help in emergency, Jan Egeland, fumbled the rumor - extended worldwide Arabic-that the earthquake had been caused by a nuclear experiment. Then caught by the ears by Kofi Annan, should Rectify.
The Israeli press Echoed these rumors. The Jerusalem Post and Arutz Sheva reported a prominent Egyptian weekly - identified as the Osboa or A Ousboue "argued that India, with Pakistan nuclear career, received U.S. and Israel advanced nuclear technology and would have been tested in the Indian Ocean region known as the belt of fire

The Times of India added other Insinuations, among them, that the earthquake was caused by testing arms that can cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions remote from electromagnetic waves. Probably related to the Haarp. It was also stated in that journal Which was a side effect of an experiment to try to correct the rotation of the Earth.
According to the Egyptian weekly Al - Ousboue, India, nuclear career with Pakistan, allegedly received a sophisticated nuclear know-how USA and Israel, Which would have collaborated with India to "desislamizar" Asia.
According to the report of the weekly, Which echo the Jerusalem Post on 7 January 2005, from 1992 important geological centers of England, Turkey and other countries would have alerted of non nuclear experiments in the Indian Ocean region known as the belt of fire. Against these tips, Israel and India continued their tests in the region.
More recently, USA Decided to go with experiments in the Australian desert that is included in the same belt. According to the weekly, a year before the tsunami, Saudi and Islamic countries asked us to stop his experiments in the region, and also made the same request to India and Israel.

Although Al - Ousboue The possibility does not exclude that the tsunami could have been caused by a natural earthquake, speculates that "while this has not been demonstrated yet, it was a secret nuclear experiment," Jointly by Israel and India, on December 26, Which caused the quake. Egyptian Weekly concludes that "the exchange of nuclear experts between Israel and India and American pressure on Pakistan, exercise supplying nuclear technology to India and preventing Islamabad Cooperate with Asia and the Islamic States in the nuclear field, pose a great question about the causes that are at the origin of earthquake.
Disprove Russian and other secrets
The denials in the Israeli press soon arrive. It made the Atomic Energy Agency nuclear scientists denying any source of the tsunami. Russian online edition MIGNews said to produce a 9.0 as the Indian Ocean earthquake bomb would be necessary to 178 megatons. But India, Israel, or USA have such pump. The maximum power that is known to be tested so far was a 57 megaton H bomb detonated by the USSR in 1961. Nevertheless not lie Give the nuclear testing in the region, or other types of less well-known experiments.

On 28 November, a month before the tsunami, Reuters reported that three days were 169 whales and dolphins coming to the beaches of Tasmania, an island off the southern coast of mainland Australia and New Zealand, but obviously without known cause Fleeing From something. Bob Brown, Senator of the Australian Parliament, said that it could be due to the sound of explosions of bombs or seismic tests of the seabed for oil and gas probes near Carried out of Tasmania.
According to Jim Cummings, the Australian Institute of acoustics, ecology that reports on new technologies for industrial and military purposes since 1968 has been sound in the powerful air gun probes zone; capable emit low frequency sound waves penetrate over 40 km underground floor marine, capable of causing waves. It is worth mentioning that the Australian Government gave the green light to a large seismic testing program in the zone for oil exploration, but they do not have enough power to induce the tremor, reminding that in the past such activities were earthquakes

Benjamin Creme, Share International magazine reports that earthquakes usually anywhere, stated: "It is impossible to perform an underground nuclear test without causing an earthquake, not necessarily in the vicinity, but anywhere in the world". "Nuclear tests are responsible for a quarter of all earthquakes occurring. :geek:


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