The Awakening of Heart

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The Awakening of Heart

  • on: January 23, 2010, 07:50:55 AM
The Awakening of Heart
Dragged through fear and sorrow
Nearly lost faith in tomorrows
And yet I tried to be strong
Could not believe the magic to be gone

Screamed from the hollow well of ignorance
All emotions exposed, no defense
My back against the wall
Now you taught me the greatest lesson of them all

I sailed the flood, I followed the flow
Metalized, magnetized
Shattered eyes are easily hypnotized
Intellectually paralyzed

In a different perspective now I see
I believe freedom doesn’t come for free
Though it should,
It barely springs as an illusion from the holy wood

Two faced politicians on their missions
It’s the string masters who creates disasters
Crucifixion, fake practice of religion
Their secret armour of glass has failed to last

From the element of surprise
A heroic resurrection shall rise
For elimination of the lies
And participation in creating a paradise

Watch the day break, won’t let them take
Our precious hope, someone has already cast us a rope
Instead of drown, reach for the crown
We won’t let them get us down

In the shadows of the night, we all carry a light
Divinity in man spring from understanding, not demanding
Fate staring right into my face
I don’t hesitate, forget the hate

In my awakening I reach out
With a renewed and stronger heart
And in appreciation and respect
My heart finally truly understand all the things you said
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