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Use the MJHD Archives

  • on: January 23, 2010, 04:52:20 AM
To all the newer members,

If you want to know about all the findings at the memorial or the ambulance pictures, or the staff and all the inof just after the death you only need to click on the MJHD archive at the top of the screen and there you will find a wonderful amount of info  and research that was done immediatley following the "death"

There is ino there about the children and our reactions as to what we saw just days after the supposide death and it can be quite informative as it was done and observations were made by members just days after.... not months. This original forum is a goldmine of information as all the things you are discussing as newer members has been discussed by members of the original site and only weeks or days after not months. We watched the news and commented. We watched the memorial and commented as we were watching, We watched the daily information at that time and commented, we watched the burial and commented. We were there daily, New members need to see what we saw and heard then and disect and comment with fresh eyes for us. You can see things now that perhaps we did not see at the time and that is the purpose of the archives of the original MJHD

I cannot stress enough to all of the new members how much research has already been done and every post I have seen in the last weeks has already been discussed and disected before so you may find some very very useful info by going on the MJHD archive site and you will see the info with eyes that were just viewing all the things that were going on back then at the time they were really going on. Not 7 months later.

I have been watching the site and the comments and there is more and more info coming up from new members who are just now discovering some old info. That is great but looking back will give you so much more insight.

I encourage new members to see what we saw 7 months ago. I encourage new members to see the pain we went through and the incredible research the members then did.

I am happy to see "new eyes" here and want to read every day your new insights but if you take the time to read what we did before you may be able to expand on what we did and find some very interesting articles and news reports and information that you can not get now. Read and have funwhile things are slow and enjoy our initial insights as things were actually unfolding.
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