MJ's Hand written thoughts on Seeing Clues Blog

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MJ's Hand written thoughts on Seeing Clues Blog

  • on: April 05, 2010, 02:16:21 PM
Not sure if you got a chance to read this:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/isettaflow ... 957203117/
Very dear notes by Michael.

After that go to this link - where the auction is being displayed. Note the connection to MEXICO made by the person auctioning these items.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/isettaflow ... 957203117/

Here is his story about the articles up for auction:


The items in this group of pictures are available, unless noted.
Thank you for visiting my site.


This collection was originally meant for the eyes of only a few people before I list them for auction, but I have been requested by the organization I help to make it public and open access to MJ fans and the general people to better benefit our charity project.

The items listed here were donated by Mr. Michael Jackson and myself with the specific purpose to collect funds to lend our support to a charity that we've helped together for the past 17 years, every year.

Michael and I became close friends since 1993, when I Directed and Produced 5 of his Dangerous World Tour concerts for his Television Special, with an attendance of 100,000 fans, each.

I am an executive working in the entertainment industry who has loved and admired Michael for many years and who also grew up listening to his music and in awe of his talent.

None of the fabulous items offered here have current established or pre-set prices at the moment. I wanted to showcase several of their pictures here first, before they go on sale to the public, but you are welcome to make an offer before I do it.

I am open to direct offers before I post them in auction sites. If you have an interest in any of them, please send me a message.

I refrain from making any personal comments regarding myself, Mr. Jackson, his family, life, experiences or any other situation regarding him due to our frienship, my respect for him and because of my active work in this industry.

I will not blog here, so please be kind NOT to ask me any other questions that do not pertain exclusively to this sale.

Please understand that I will not provide personal comments or opinions here, so please be kind NOT to send me your personal stories.

Mike owned and wore these items himself, they were part of his personal concert memorabilia collection. We spent 2 days preparing them for this sale.

These are all RARE vintage items used by him, in excellent condition, many signed, dedicated and dated. They each come with the Production Company COA with a life-time 100% authenticity guarantee.

Many of them are still lightly impregnated with his lotion scent...

Michael and I have helped this small kids hospice for years by offering his fans the oppotunity to obtain some of his personalized things. He gave me more items than usual for this year's charity sale before he was relocating to England.

He signed and dedicated them only one month before his passing.

I can assure you there are no other items like these, and there won't be any more in the future.

Michael seldom wrote dedications, but he gladly made ours extra-special to benefit our on-going charity of the kids. Some are part of his own lyrics and some are lines from poems he loved, or his personal thoughts.

We had fun preparing our items for this year's auction, although he became frustrated a few times when the felt tip of a marker would not glide and skipped over his cotton shirts while trying to sign them, but he did it any way, and that's what counts. He looked proud when we finished.

I am in the process of uploading more photographs of other items. I have already accepted a few offers for some of these extraordinary things and they are gone, listed in another group of pictures here, entitled GONE. The ones listed here are still available, but probably not for long.

I am also donating the items that he gave to me over the course of many years, to add to this sale for our little hospice.

Every item comes with a 100% life-time warranty certificate of authenticity and a golden numbered seal from the production company, embossed in the document.

For obvious reasons, no returns are accepted after the sale.

Some of MJ's Items have been auctioned through eBay before. The support received from his fans and wonderful charity supporters was amazing. These listings had daily description updates where I wrote many little funny stories about our mutual ongoing pranks, poems and the funny things he used to do. The questions area was filled with people's comments. Each listing became a lovely blog in the end with thousands of hits. Many bidders and watchers are stil keeping in touch with me, trying to convince me to write a little booklet about our adventures, to benefit our Charity.

Unfortunately, my listings (Mike's personal Dangerous Mexico Tour Jacket and 3 shirts) along with the stories and comments were recently removed by eBay because 3 months have gone by, so they are no longer available to view.

Payments will be processed through Paypal or Bank wire and are safe, with full warranty. Paypal accepts major credit and debit cards.

NOTE: Please be aware that actual shipping, paypal fees and insurance costs will be added to the item's final agreed price. There is absolutely no cost for handling or packaging materials.

Thank you so much to those of you (you know who you are) for your fabulous support from the very beginning...I love you for it! I welcome our new friends!

These items are posted in numerical order, the ones missing are already sold....

I thank you for looking!

Please be kind to take into consideration that my work is extremely time-consuming and I won't be able to chat or reply as fast and as often as I wish I could for the moment...
Your understanding will be appreciated, especially if you please try to keep your questions basically relating to your offers. These items have wide and clear descriptions.

Reasonable offers will be taken into consideration.

NOTE: This is NOT a request for Donations, a store or an Auction.

This is the display of Mr. Jackson's personal items donated by him in June of last year to eventually be sold through online auction sites.

He gave them to me with the purpose of selling them to raise funds for our children's charity.

Mike's fans have had the rare opportunity to have access to his wonderful donated items for many years and we appreciate their help and support for their purchases.

Donating the procceds of such sales has alowed us to continue with our dream of protecting the Hospice's handicapped kids in Mexico for 17 years.
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Re: MJ's Hand written thoughts on Seeing Clues Blog

  • on: April 06, 2010, 05:08:01 AM
one good person [i hope]

i have seen nothing about the charities since his death

so if its legit and for the good of the charities he love then i welcome it -

one good person
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Re: MJ's Hand written thoughts on Seeing Clues Blog

  • on: April 20, 2010, 06:16:24 AM
hi. just want to add about this. i read it days ago and i found it interesting, so i followed the story. mj donated this a month before his death? and it still has his perfume? the lady´s nick name is issetta. i think she is from mexico. and the other things that make me wonder is that, she is not open for comments on mj only on the articles for auction. if you saw months ago karen faye´s photos when she had all those private photos out. remember? some close friends of mj posted also on faye´s facebook photos of reunions and trips to show he had a normal life. well. some were taken in acapulco with guys that looked mexicans. to get to the fact. i wonder if he is or was in mexico this people must´ve helped him out. if only i could find the orfanage it will do of great help. i could go there because i´m in mexico. i´ve tried to look for this people i saw photos with mj, because the look high class, the ones that have vacation homes in luxiurios resorts here. one other thing i found out the guy who said saw mj in a mexican town is a fake. that place doesn´t exist. and the airplane that left from lax on june 25 when it was closed was a mexicana airline (mx 927) an airbus a318 destiny la to guadalajara. so mj had to buy all those tickets and fly to guadalajara go down and take a connection flight to mexico city. this is the normal daily rout of the plain. you can check it out. don´t know if a lear jet came out that day, but the plane that left for mexico was this one. does any one know who is this kady issettaflowers? here real name must be issetta flores if you translate. need help
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