VH1 songs played after premiere of TII's T.D.R.C.A.U

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VH1 songs played after premiere of TII's T.D.R.C.A.U

  • on: January 20, 2010, 09:30:49 PM
After the VH1 premiere of the TII “They Don’t Care About Us” video, the channel began playing a string of music videos afterwards (Which is weird, because what music channel even PLAYS music videos anymore? Certainly not Mtv or Vh1). So….upon entering the chat room last evening, speculation began that these songs had a particular meaning relating to the hoax. With Souza, I believe (reading some of the chat transcript) being the initial one thinking something was up, I began reading the lyrics to some of these songs and found strange connections after picking up what was going on, and I began writing the songs down.

 I am not saying that every single line written in each song is relevant, but more like tiny sections of each lyric is a clue, Or even the visual of the video (Like Tom Petty’s “Don’t come around here no more” with the Alice in Wonderland theme/black and white checkered flooring  in others) or is very strange in relating to what the media has been saying about Michael Jackson’s “death”….There were other members of the chat room helping and getting what was going on….one theory is that M.J himself picked these particular songs/videos to play to give clues to those who believe in the hoax to “get it”, sending messages. Who knows? But one thing is for certain, at least I believe to be so, is that these songs were very, very weird that gave me chills and I am sure others felt the same way that were in the chat room. Most of the songs, I gathered are about death, drug addicts, missing someone/love/childhood.
And yes, I know that every song on the planet deals with these issues, (sex drugs and rock’n roll, ya’ll) that’s what music is about….but these particular songs have a context that I feel are important and are a setting about the hoax that may have/have been picked for us “clue searchers” to pick up on, and all of the songs are just flat out eerie in what is being divulged.

One thing, is that  several Bands/Artists were played twice, including:
U2, Janet Jackson, Aerosmith, Texas, Madonna and Ash.

 But George “Michael” was played the most, playing 3 of his videos, which I find to be very strange.

Another quirk, was that The Smashing Pumpkins’ song “1979’ was played twice, and not just a different song by them, but the SAME song (1979).

I think that at the beginning, some videos weren’t written down, or missing. The first that was mentioned by the time this theory was beginning to form was Wyclef Jean.  The first Janet Jackson video, I did not catch the title of (But will search for because I know it was in Black and White, from the early/mid-90’s, and I remember what she was wearing…jeans and a black hat…so if anyone thinks they might know it, post a link/mention it?).

There is also one song by a band between the Billy Idol and Def Leopard (or in that general area of the beginning)  song that I did not catch. I never heard of the band, or seen them before/had no idea who they were, so unless someone knows or remembers a music video with a guy singing(brown hair), then a girl singing(short black hair), wearing green suits/blue clothing in the video (The guy singer kind of reminded me of Steven Fry a little) then that song is missing from this list.

Here is the list of songs that are in order to the best of my knowledge:

Wyclef Jean – Gone Til November
George Michael – Faith
U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday
Janet Jackson - Love Will Never Do (Without You) (I didn't catch the title, but it was a black and white video , early, but I believe that this is the song.)
Prodigy - Fire Starter
Billy Idol – Rock the Cradle of Love
Def Leopard – Pour Some Sugar On Me
MC Hammer – Can’t Touch This
Smashing Pumpkins - 1979
New Order - True Faith
Don Henley - Boys of Summer
Tom Petty - Don't come around here no more
Mary J. Blige/Method man - All I need
Beastie Boys - Fight for your right to party
Garbage - Stupid Girl
Beck - Loser
Tone Loc - Wild Thing
David Bowie - Ashes to Ashes
Bjork - it's oh so quiet
Madness - Our House
Paula Abdul - Straight Up
Aerosmith – Janie’s got a gun   (This was the last song played right before Mid-Night)

Fat Boy Slim - Praise You
Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Red Hot chili peppers - Give it away
Sinead OConnor - Nothing Compares to you
Dire Straights - Money For Nothing
George Michael - Freedom
A-Ha - Take on me
REM - Losing my Religion
Guns ‘n Roses –Welcome to the Jungle
Cars – Drive
TuPac - California Love
Robert Palmer - Addicted to Love
Aerosmith/Run DMC - Walk this way
Rolling stones - Angie
U2 - Stay (Faraway so close)
Travis - Turn
Texas - Say what you want
Ash- Shining Light
Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence
Eurhythmics - Miracle of Love
Roxy Music/Brian Ferry - Avalon
Madonna - Give Into Me
Madcon - Beggin
Beyonce – Single Ladies
Pink - So What
Britney Spears-Circus
Cold play - Viva La Vida
50 cent - candy shop
The Beatles – Please Please Me
Pet Shop Boys – Domino Dancing
Modjo – What I mean
Chicago – The glory of love
The Police – Every little thing she does is magic
Queen – The Show must go on
Madonna – Frozen
Everything But the girl – Missing
U2 – Desire
REM – What’s the Frequencey, Kenneth?
Presidents of the United States – Peaches
Ash – Burn baby Burn
Texas –Summer Son
Black – Wonderful Life
Maroon 5 – This love
Eighth wonder – I’m not scared
George Michael – I want your sex
UB40 –Can’t help but falling in love
UltraVox – Vienna
Timbaland – Give it to me
Janet Jackson – Black cat
Justin Timberlake – Sexy Back
Duran Duran – Reflex

That is where the songs ended, or when the songs weren’t written down anymore. I believe that at some point that videos/songs weren’t relevant anymore, but were still included (in my opinion…as I am not sure when they stopped playing videos).

So. There is it. Take it or leave it. But I think that the artists that were played twice or more, or the same song may have hardcore clues, or the videos with the imagery (such as the checkered floors, as there were quite a few with that design in them) are important.

Thank you.

Special thanks to Souza, for the transcript, and to those of you in the chat helping out and understanding what was going on :)
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They played Wyclef's "Gone Til November"?????   :shock:   I noticed a lot of other meaningful song titles as well.....It seems random for them to just play a whole buncha vids....but there HAS to be a reason....
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IF....IFthis is a clue from michael what i get from it is this:

around the time he did the Off the Wall album,he became a victim,a slave to the music industry. he was being controlled by people in the industry. they did alot  of things to him that weren't right. after some years he finally broke free of these people,but there are still artists being taken control of by the higher-ups in the business. he wants us to do something about it.he wants us to stand up and take control not only of the music business,but of our lives. he wants us to fight!
i think he wants us to look at lapd. i sense a concern there on some level.he wants us to hear him and believe in what he's saying and trust him.i think he really wants to come back,but is being threatened to stay away.we have to fight for michael guys.he wants us to have the freedom to be happy and worry-free.most of all,he's saying that he loves us and that he NEEDS our love and  as bad as we miss him,i think he actually misses us more!......i think,lol!! :lol:  :D  :mrgreen:  :?: this is what i get based on the song titles and the artists.
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Wow that's a pretty impressive list of songs. Which are (could be) in some way connected to the hoax:

Let me analyse a few in random order:

- Roxy Music/Brian Ferry: Avalon
Avalon was a mystic place according to the legend, which no one could find. It's said King Arthur is buried there. Maybe Michael is in "Avalon" now. We know he's somewhere, but don't know where (place without no name???)

- Beastie boys: Fight for you're right
His trials, the media that tried to break him. Speaks for itself. Now the fight is on  again and Michael is the puppet master.

- Maddness: Our house
Save the world (house). The message at the end of TII

- Björk: it's oh so quiet
May be the silence before the storm, or maybe a message that Michael is alive and enjoying a happy life in freedom without any media attention.

- Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence
Same as Song of Björk

- George Michael: Freedom
Freedom for the world (Heal the world), or his own freedom

- Guns 'n Roses: Welcome to the jungle
A message to the world (Jungle) we live in. Every thing in life is hectic.

- Robert Palmer: Addicted to love
A message Michael said more than once L.O.V.E

- Eurhythmics - Miracle of Love
Did I mention allready Michael talked about L.O.V.E a lot?

- U2: Stay (Faraway so close)
He's hiding, but still with us (hence all those clues like this music list)

- Queen: The Show must go on
Will this be a sign a comeback is most likely, or does he want us to remember him and go on with our lives

- Everything But the girl: Missing
He's somewhere but we don't know where

- U2: Desire
His desire to live a happy life, without media trying to break him.

- The Police: Every little thing she does is magic
Every song and video Michael dis has something magically. Reference to neverland (peterpan, tinkerbell). Reference to the cooperation with that illusionist?

- Britney Spears: Circus
Refering to the media circus/hype around celebrities
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These three stood out for me:

Queen - The Show Must Go On

Coldplay - Viva la Vida

Eurythmics - The Miracle of Love

Lyrics The Miracle of Love:
How many sorrows
Do you try to hide
In a world of illusion
That's covering your mind?
I'll show you something good
Oh I'll show you something good.
When you open your mind
You'll discover the sign
That there's something
You're longing to find...

The miracle of love
Will take away your pain
When the miracle of love
Comes your way again.

Cruel is the night
That covers up your fears.
Tender is the one
That wipes away your tears.
There must be a bitter breeze
To make you sting so viciously -
They say the greatest coward
Can hurt the most ferociously.
But I'll show you something good.
Oh I'll show you something good.
If you open your heart
You can make a start
When your crumbling world falls apart.
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BTW, this one was interesting too:

Bjork - It's oh so quiet

BTW, this is the original, which IMO is better ;)
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LOL Souza, i love Bjork, she's so nuts :D but i think that song 'it's oh so quiet' reminds me of the whole hoax so much.. 'quiet..... BAM....quiet.... BAM' lol

I've been having a hard time trying to work out why some of these songs were played.
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May cause- Abnormal Dreams, Agitation, Amorous Behavior, Anxiety, Bucking/Jerking/Thrashing, Chills/Shivering/Clonic/Myoclonic Movement, Combativeness, Confusion, Delirium, Depression, Dizziness, Emotional Lability, Euphoria, Fatigue, Hallucinations, Headache, Hypotonia, Hysteria, Insomnia, Moaning, Neuropathy, Opisthotonos, Rigidity, Seizures, Somnolence, Tremor, Twitching.


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