looky heree..guess wat i got at sunday skul

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looky heree..guess wat i got at sunday skul

  • on: January 25, 2010, 04:50:10 AM
hey guys just wanted 2 say something...yesterday i went 2 my sunday skul class and they said they are starting something that each week they will hand out a piece of paper with a few lyrics to a hymn or something..well guess wat they gave us that dayy

Alive, Alive, Alive forevermore
my Jesus is Alive, Alive forever more //
my Jesus is Alive
Sing Alleluia //
my Jesus is Alive forevermore
Sing Alleluia //
my Jesus is Alive

 :!: my eyes completely popped out of my head wen i read it...do u c the relevance? :D :D im soo happy i was rly asking God 2 show me a sign or a clue or SOMETHING anything 2 help me 2 keep beLIEving that mj is alive and i rly feel lyk this is not a coincidence..just my opinion..but i was soo happy i felt it in me that it was not a coincidence
and its not just something im looking 2 much into or anything cos cud it be any more obvious?? the words are lyk ryt there!! :) everything happens 4 a reason  ;)
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