Still No DIANA ROSS!!!

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Re: Still No DIANA ROSS!!!

  • on: January 22, 2010, 05:37:34 PM
Quote from: "wilds"
Quote from: "mykidsmum"
lol I found this video, it is so cute.  The part at the beginning when Diana and MJ are on the red carpet, it must have been before Thriller because the guy interviewing is more interested in Dianna...LOL...that was probably the last time she was more famous than him...little did that man know how history was going to be made and the super star MJ would be.  He looks so unassuming...I wonder what was going on in his brain....LOL! One more thing, I can see how MJ put Dianna in his will from looking at these videos, he probably wanted for his children, how Diana made  him feel growing up.  I'm sure he felt so much love from her. LOL at 6:11 MJ looks so jealous when she is hugging that man (Quincy?)  Look how he keeps looking at her!

Since it seemed as if Michael never had a love relationship that lasted and Diana went through her mess of men, maybe they were the ones for each other all along! I like to think perhaps they are together now. It's such a lovely fairytale  :)

beautiful video...and it is really strange that she's said nothing till this day. There must be sth to it! I would be happy if they were together, they are made for each other:)
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