Uri Geller

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Uri Geller

  • on: January 21, 2010, 04:18:33 AM
I've read this on Uri Geller.com. Just wanted to share:

When a journalist phoned me late one night last summer and told me that Michael Jackson was dead, once again I did not believe the news. I put the phone down, and told Hanna the call was a hoax.
I had been worried about Michael’s health for years. If he had collapsed during his trial, when he was under more stress than anyone could bear, nobody would have been surprised, least of all me. And I had witnessed the effects of his prescription drug addiction, I had urged him repeatedly to break the destructive cycle, and I knew that he was getting bad medical advice from people who should never have been allowed near him.

 But I was staggered when he died. The news, when I heard it over and over again, floored me. I don’t think I slept for about 48 hours, as I talked to TV stations and reporters all over the planet, desperately trying to make sense of the tragedy.

 Michael had been on the verge of making a real comeback. Everybody who has watched the movie of his rehearsals for the This Is It shows, scheduled for London’s O2 stadium, must know that as a singer, a dancer and an entertainer, he was as good as he had ever been. His death was needless, and heart-breaking for all the hundreds of millions who loved him.
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Re: Uri Geller

  • on: January 21, 2010, 07:12:16 AM
I don't really understand what you're trying to say here...? Please explain to me, I just woke up.
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"No one should judge what I\'ve done with my life. Not unless they\'ve been in my shoes every horrible day and every sleepless night." ~ Michael J. (1995)


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