Very interesting thing in a hoax video

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Re: Very interesting thing in a hoax video

  • on: January 23, 2010, 05:30:47 PM
What bothers me are those darn garbage cans in front of MJ's house!
After seeing Ben (the photographer) saying he was there that day and the other...... (OOPS), I decided to see if I could find a shot from the street from that Thursday definitely. IF the ambulance video was done on Wed., maybe by chance, we could see if the garbage cans look the same.

Now for a fact, garbage collection is on WED! There wasn't a holiday that would push the collection day back that week. The cans look neat and in order like the garbage was not collected in the ambulance video. I live in LA and after my garbage is collected, they are not that neat! The covers are on them also, which mine are not!
In the CNN video, they look a little askew and there seems to be only one blue one now! The CNN coverage I am not certain of the time, but I guess I was only a couple of hours after the "supposed" ambulance footage and the "death". But we know it was on Thursday!

Ambulance garbage:
At 0:37 you can get a good look. There seems to be 2 blue ones after the first 3 blacks.
They are pretty neat and orderly.
Because of Bens statement, we might NOT know the day that footage was really taken.

live CNN garbage:
At 0:15 there appears only 1 blue one is there after the first 3 black ones. The first black ones are a little disoriented, not like in the ambulance video.
We know for a FACT that the CNN video was taken on Thursday!

It really bothers me that there are any cans out at all, since it was not garbage day, unless they were there for a reason. The "Garbage" theme.

What do you think???

Oh by the way, you could get fined for leaving your cans out on the street in LA after pickup!
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