Some possible theories

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Some possible theories

  • on: January 19, 2010, 03:04:54 PM

After doing some thinking is came up with a few threoies

1)  The death hoax has been done because MJ has been murdered by NWO interests and it diverts our attention. Tupac was killed off by these elements and its known of by the alternative avenues.

2) Many of the people claiming to have info give us part truths and part lies. They give a small piece of the truth and then deliberately lead us off course for a reason known by these individuals and these individuals only

3) If he does come back it won't be in 2010 but closer to Dec 21 2012 when the ascension will be. This acension will only come when practcally everyone knows whats going on and all the various NWO elements have been overthrowed in a peaceful manner. It has to be done in a peaceful manner as they have bigger and better waepons then us so we would lose before we began if the people decided violent revoloution was the answer.If the NWO win there will be no acension and we will not have saved ourselves.

I do think the NWO is holding MJ and is the reason he is now operating behind the scenes (if alive at all). Jackson has not only spoken up about the New World Order (in a way where he tells you without literally telling you) and via some of his more inspirational songs. Therefore its highly plausable that he has wound these elements up and they decided enough was enough.

I have given some ideas and I would now like to hear what people think about all of these possibilites.
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