Michael's Awakening: Reality vs. Illusion Brilliant!!

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Michael's Awakening: Reality vs. Illusion Brilliant!!

  • on: January 17, 2010, 07:53:28 PM
I'm sure this has been discussed here tons of times.  It's just my OWN stream of consciousness flowing right now.  I've decided to post it here on the forum...thanks for reading, hoaxers.  You're all awesome folks:

The matrix; illusion vs. reality; how the media distorts, twists, destroys reality and makes you believe only what they want you to believe -- resulting in a dumbing down & control of the masses...

Michael ALWAYS told us to not believe everything we hear in the media.  It was one of his most passionate pleas to us!

I think, after much soul searching, thinking out loud on this forum (thanks for putting up with any of my crazy theories, gang, especially the political stuff! lol), THIS is what I believe is the real purpose of the hoax.  We CANNOT continue to live in an illusion anymore.  There are TOO many serious problems looming in front of us.

PT Barnum wanted to create the "greatest show on earth" -- an illusion; David Blaine, Criss Angel...and so many more...all devote their lives to creating false realities.  Disneyland= fantasy.  Neverland.  That's why Michael was so fascinated by this stuff.  

Disguises, costumes, makeup, playing jokes on people...again, create FALSE realities...

Michael lived in a fantasy world for his whole life.  But NOW Maybe he knows something, he realized something, he experienced something (The Trial!?!?), in his own personal life to make him stop and say:

"Wait.  We will destroy ourselves if we continue to live in an illusion."  Maybe he sees its not fun and games anymore.  Maybe he feels compelled to wake us up from our slumber for some very important reason.  Maybe he's seen what living in an unreal world can do to people and he's had enough.

Maybe Michael has experienced his own AWAKENING.  He's telling US now to wake up and take the red pill.  And isn't it just GENIUS of him to use a HOAX (another unreality) as a way of getting us to see the illusions all around us.... we are picking them up left and right now! BRILLIANT!

What helped cement this concept for me is what I wrote to a 13 yr old on youtube the other day.  He/she was worried that the world was going to end in 2012; understandably, this kid was scared.  I started looking at my own thoughts about stuff like conspiracy theories, the nwo, 2012, etc. and realized that whatever is coming down the road for us as a society, we must wake up and start doing what is right.  Who knows if the world will end soon?  Who knows if conspiracies are true? (again, reality vs. illusion)  NOBODY! So I said to this kid: "Don't worry about tomorrow.  Turn OFF your TV.  Start putting some of your allowance away or donating some time to your local charity, humane society, make a wish, etc.  Look inside yourself for the truth--not in the current issue of People magazine!  In other words, Do Something Real!!"
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"Who looks outside, dreams.  Who looks inside, awakes".  (Carl Jung)

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Thank you for your post.  It is clear that you put much time and thought into it.
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Exactly.  :D
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