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Re: Just annouced today INDICTMENT COMING MURRAY

  • on: January 15, 2010, 09:12:35 PM
OK when I hear the words Associated PRess I am like who is that? All of these sources. Why are they not naming the sources? What do they have to lose because we know every media source is not credible right? ALso  back to the investigation and the length of the investigation. OK why in the world are they searching for more doctors. I mean no other doctors were there that day of Junet 25th except for Murray supposedley right? I mean if they find other doctors how in the world are they going to tie it into their case? I mean have they even seized records of any of the other doctors? I know they searched Klein, even the Nurse (hell she aint even a doc!) But do we know of any other docs records that was confiscated? I am like Murray is the only culprit ? Obviously they have no other docs in mind to arrest? that I know of. :shock: What more are they searching for? ]
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