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  • on: January 07, 2010, 06:07:13 PM
I don’t know if anybody has asked these questions before,
But I need to know…
Why are we here,  why are we reading this information?

I’m 26 years old and I’m black and I live in America, and most people know if anything can go wrong it will go wrong in America. There is so much going on here that I cant even wrap my head around it, racial tension is growing again and its not just black and white, its black and Asian and white and Mexican people HATEING each other, Politians are more corrupt than ever and now people are losing the ability to think for themselves, America and other nations as well we are headed for self destruction. We are relying on people who are in the fore front of the  entertainment world and CNN to tell us what we should do and how we should feel and what we need to be, We look to the wrong people in the entertainment industry and or politicians who slap on big smiles and lie to us right to your face, and we don’t even see it. There are so many lies and so much confusion, and confusion is only there because we have lost the ability to feel like we can make our own decisions.  There is so much hate and darkness and there are people in the background who want us to blindly follow them to what I call hell on earth.

But not all are that way. Some have voices who will try and educate us, but they are forgotten or there message is lost in ARGUMENTS between the masses.
When I first heard about Michael in June, like most, I was so very heart broken. I never saw him in concert except on TV and I never met him, but I love him. I cried all the time, but something within me told me to look for more. And by sheer accident I came across this site. I came to this site for   solace, I was looking for like minded people who believed in Michael and what he represents. I wanted to be around people who actually LOVE, and who LOVE Michael for what he tried to tell us.

So I ask you again why are we here?
Are we here to argue with each other , to get mad and say awful things to each other when we don’t like what another person posts? Are we here to talk shit about each other and for what I cant FUCKING understand talk shit about MICHEAL.  MICHEAL !!!! The very person we are here on this site for!!! I HAVE SEEN IT!!!  Are we here to say that “ you can’t understand Michael fully because you’ re not black? Or what ever else PEOPLE POST ON THIS SITE. I don’t know if you all can see what you are doing. What you all are saying on this site, what you all are saying to each other. And so the fuck what if he was an illuminate slave, he didn’t lie down and take it he did the best anyone can ask for , he tried to fight back and stand up for himself even when he was drugged up poisoned in court depressed or on stage singing his heart out, he did more than I can say for some of you. AND so what if he never returns he doesn’t owe us anything, especially how people have been behaving on this site.
YOU people who tarnish not his memory but his existence.

MO and SOUZA, you continue to put the facts out there and  you continue to connect the dots as best you can . LET IT BE SAID RIGHT HERE AND NOW YOUR DOING A GOOD JOB  AND A SERVICE TO THOSE WHO WANT TO KNOW MICHAEL AND UNDERSTAND MICHAEL AND LOVE MICHAEL !!!!!

This hate has to stop, the shit you all come up with must stop, other wise this site will become nothing more than a tabloid, which is not its intended purpose.
We need to come to this site for knowledge and love. We don’t always need to agreed and if you have a concern, ask, but we don’t have to be belligerent and brutal, and we don’t have to be mean spirited and claim to know more and then not disclose knowledge. If you have something worth sharing then share it , but if not then go away and leave the people who want to know, or want to come together alone.

 Michael said it was up to us to make the change. I have commented before that we needed to come together. With all our differences we need to come together and stop separating ourselves. We have to get over or personal issues and look at the larger picture, we are in this together. We need to become a LEGION OF LOVE.  We must respect each other we must become a stronger force against the illuminate or whoever seeks to destroy us, weather you believe it or not. DON’T BLINDLY FOLLOW, OPEN YOUR EYES. We must do this or it has all been for nothing.
I LOVE YOU ALL , peace
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  • on: January 07, 2010, 06:25:37 PM
I understand completely what you are saying.

Divide and rule creates power and power creates wars, we need to unite and accept our differences with maturity and respect. Listen with our hearts and reply with integrity.

All for love and love for all...
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  • on: January 07, 2010, 06:30:31 PM
You are right we have to be kind here
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  • on: January 07, 2010, 07:57:50 PM
Mind if i add my twopence worth? I'll try not to make it sound like a sermon  :D

Fist thing first MY WAY OF THINKING and my life principles are i refuse to see colour in anyone, im not intrested if your black, white, yellow, green or all colours of the rainbow, i dont care nor am i intrested if you are christian, jewish, catholic, muslim thats your private choice. I respect YOU for choice of faith and will show YOU respect in all aspects of your life for your choices however i feel i must say this .. so you can stone me when im done ranting  8-)

Take a good hard look around you. What does the richest man in the world have that you dont? or should i put it this way ... the poorest man on this earth is the richest ... think of the child on christmas eve, the child who's parents still insist on letting them believe in santa, the child who goes to bed with the most amazing wonderfull images in their head, and thier heart bursting with love for what christmas day will bring. think of the child on the beach building a sand castle while his imagination creates knights to live in the castle, and fire breathing dragons that need defeating. Think of the other child on the beach without a bucket or spade, does the first child mock him for not having a castle? NO the first child invites the secon child to bring his knights to his castle so they can defeat the dragon together, an innocent friendship has been bonded in that very second. Think of the child on a summers day watching the butterfly fluttering around her head. what does she see?? she see's fairies, princess's and handsome princes and secret gardens where beautifull flowers grow. Now picture yourself on a clifftop standing next to a person from every country in the world, all starngers, all looking at the same sunrise. Do you suddenly forge a friendship because you shared this priceless moment? or do you just smile and walk away?? YES i am getting to the point!!
Children see what is in frount of them, if a person is hurting, they dont question, they automatically sooth, if a person is crying they automatically wipe away the tears, if a person is shouting they automatically calm them and if a person is laughing the child automatically laughs the point im making is this ...
This world is a pricless gift, the richest man CAN NOT buy a sunset, nor a summers night light by a full moon, we all need to open our eyes, Listen to the REAL world before we can start to heal it .. we need to to Look through a childs eyes, listen through a childs ears and remember to LOVE AND FEEL with a childs heart untill we can do that, there will always be arguing, bickering, nasty comments, selfishness, greed and inhumanity to our fellow man. To make this world a better place, we need to start with learning humility and grace and most important of all we need to learn to be children again, That way we really can become an army and make a diffrence. It's not just Michael's legacy its our legacy we need to start NOW we need to forge this legacy right here and right now for our future generations let them see that yes we mucked up but we got it right in the end.

Ok rant over, i've said my two pence worth, let the stoning begin  8-)
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~*~*Shoot for the Moon ~ Even if you miss you land among the Stars*~*~
We only live once. Since we are given the gift of life, it should be a persistent endeavour to immortalize ourselves, no matter what field of endeavour we choose\' .. Michael Jackson
Michael to me your not an icon nor a superstar .. your just a boy that this girl fell in love with a very long time ago.


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