The Rockefellers & NWO

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Re: The Rockefellers & NWO

  • on: January 04, 2010, 12:58:11 PM
Quote from: "Cameron"
Yes, but they are not alone... there are so many groups which own the world...
But I have a question. Here in Europe, there are a lot of people who begin to know that, but in other countries, do people are councious of this problem ?

It seems that most people are unaware. Some people hear about it now and then but immediately brush it off as nonsense. It's a common opinion that if you believe things like this then you're either half crazy or simply a fool. However, no one can ever explain away the evidence or the historical events. I think it's part of the conspiracy though. Sort of an Emporor's New Clothes situation if you will. "They" control the media and all things popular. These things tell us that if we believe in NWO, Illuminati, Jesuits, witch craft, satanism, and/or any other conspiracy or secret society then we're idiots. Nobody wants to be an idiot right? So we ignore it and laugh at those who believe it.

The other problem is that, as I said before, "they" control the media and therefore, the information is not fed to us.  To learn about it, we actually have to take the initiative to look into it ourselves without being prompted by an outside source. Those who take it upon themselves to do this sort of research are a very small minority as so many of us are used to just receiving all of our information from newspapers, television, and internet articles without any effort on our part beyond reading or hearing what is placed in front of us. A lot of people never conceive of such a possibility and wouldn't know to look into it anyway.

I think though, with recent events, more people are starting to question just what is going on in the world. I also feel like "they're" not really trying to keep it too much a secret anymore. Or maybe it's just that the more I learn about it, the more obvious it becomes to me.
I'm in the States by the way.
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