Joe is asking for Michaels medical records

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Re: Joe is asking for Michaels medical records

  • on: January 07, 2010, 05:14:56 PM
Quote from: "mmz"
can this news be the beginning of the reveiling of the hoax?
What about if the UCLA medical reports show that the dead guy is not real Michael? And family has been "fooled"?...or make believe they have been fooled...
or everybody (UCLA doctors included)make believe they have been fooled by genius Michael!!!
It is going to be a good january.
Maybe Joe is just helping Michael in the hoax!

The family has every right to the medical records.  When my mother died I was given a copy of the full set of hospital records, which contained her medical history and the full autopy report.  There were no forms to sign.  This is in the US also, where HIPAA laws are strongly enforced and this was a good hospital.  We had many questions as to the cause of death (hospital and/or prior medical negligence, or natural consequences of her illness).  That is why we requested, and were given, her full medical records, without the need for a subpoena.  I don't see why the Estate would argue against this.  That is what really bothers me, unless the Estate has something to hide.  I have no problem with the family getting the complete reports.  The whole family supports the request.  Either the reports will show that no one died at UCLA, that someone other than Michael died there, or that Michael really did die at UCLA for whatever reason (autopsy would show this).  I am thinking that either the family believes something is fishy, or it is the beginning of the reveal.  If the report doesn't exist, then we will have proof that Michael did not die at UCLA.  The family also has it's own autopsy reports so they must either know that Michael died, or their autopsy was a fake, or the autopsy was done on someone else. I hope that whatever the case, the real records are given to the public by the family and that some accurate reporting is done.  I am more suspicious of the Estate for trying to block what the family has a right to than I am suspicious of Joe. Bottom line is I hope the family gets the records.  It's their right, no matter what Joe decides to do with what the information.  LOL Sorry for rambling.  I am just thinking out loud.  Whatever the case, this is good news because we will have more information.  I hope the Estate is not succesful in blocking Joe's request.  This is exciting!  I am hoping that it's the beginning of the reveal!
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