Joe is asking for Michaels medical records

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Re: Joe is asking for Michaels medical records

  • on: January 03, 2010, 08:30:41 AM
'Joe Jackson, or members of the Jackson family, as Michael Jackson’s next-of-kin, may have the right to access records in relation to an impending wrongful death suit.'

'All states have laws about what is called the physician-patient privilege. This privilege includes a patient’s right to medical privacy and the right to prevent a physician from revealing the contents of medical files without the patient’s permission. This privilege is frequently an issue in wrongful death lawsuits, where wrongful death lawyers need access to the medical information to prepare for a case. Because the plaintiff (the person suing) in the wrongful death lawsuit must prove that the defendant(s) caused the wrongful death, medical evidence is crucial.' ... portunist/

If Joe is looking to sue AEG, as Murray's employer, then i presume Joe will receive compensation should he win because he is the father of the deceased. It may not be just about money though. So much time has passed since MJ's 'death'. There are still many facts that have yet to even surface. The LAPD is sitting on all of this, but can they be trusted? The full autopsy report has still not been published. What was the estimated time of death? Was he still revivable when paramendics got there..........and Murray is back at work. The coroner won't release the report independently until they get the go-ahead from LAPD. Perhaps the family are just tired of being kept out of the loop. I do fear though that the MJ Estate (and its people) is becoming a formidable entity to be reckoned with, even by MJ's own family! Are they there to protect MJ's dignity and legacy as a human being, or do they see the estate as a huge opportunity to make money from his death any which way they can regardless of whether MJ would approve. What do they really represent? The issue with the Jackson-Murray-AEG contract is also interesting. AEG denies the existence of a valid signed contract, but what was in the contract that MJ and AEG couldn't agree on?
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