Joe is asking for Michaels medical records

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Re: Joe is asking for Michaels medical records

  • on: January 01, 2010, 04:39:32 PM
Yes, this is scary but it is also HUGE!!  The FACT is that UCLA Medical Center never released a statement that stated that Michael Jackson died at their facility.  And if Joe Jackson has had his lawyers ask UCLA specifically for the medical records, etc., then perhaps UCLA will be forced to make their own statement about what actually happened at their facility on June 25.  Up till now, they have skirted the issue.  

When Brittany Murphy died recently at Cedars-Sinai, the hospital immediately released an official statement from the hospital spokesperson that she was indeed dead.  This is permissible under the HIPAA privacy rules, that the hospital can say what condition the person is in, but give no details or confirm the cause. ... id=9385992

Why did UCLA not have a spokesperson who could have uttered just these few words concerning Michael Jackson? (if indeed it was true?)

On the UCLA press site they have Jermaine Jackson's statement, stating that MJ passed at UCLA on June 25. "The family of Michael Jackson made this brief statement available on June 25 at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center:"  His family made the statement AVAILABLE??  What does this mean, really?  It seems that UCLA did everything they could do to distance themselves from this situation that just happened to occur at their facility. ... 94914.aspx

And in this video from the UCLA press site they never mention "Michael Jackson".  The guy from UCLA says, in essence, "I'm here to introduce a friend of Mr. (Jermaine) Jackson, Dr. Thome, who will make a brief statement and then we'll bring up (the aforementioned) Jermaine Jackson." ... id=E0C5478

And this next article has always intrigued me, in the way that someone else with knowledge of PR saw this whole "death announcement" situation unfold.  "I was extremely surprised at UCLA Medical Center's lack of preparedness... After the death of superstar Michael Jackson at 2:26 pm today, the medical center had more than enough time to prepare for the press conference called on site for 5:15 pm. In fact, if a crisis plan was in place for one of the best known and largest medical centers in the country, it would have taken about one hour to implement all the steps... There was no UCLA Medical Center spokesperson or ER physician at the press conference. Instead the press conference spokesperson was Jermaine Jackson." (The person that was present at the press conference was the "chief operating officer of the UCLA Hospital System" - and he did not make any statement other than to introduce Dr. Thome, who then introduced Jermaine)
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