Is there clues to follow in the note from Joe?

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Is there clues to follow in the note from Joe?

  • on: January 02, 2010, 12:16:00 PM
I follow this link:
(from forum at

Joe J. states on building a Neverland amusementpark in Gary, Indiana. Quote:
 ’’ I have thought about building a permanent place where Jackson Family fans and friends alike could visit and learn about the story behind the headlines.’’

Something stands out to me in the note. Quote: ‘’I have asked our beautiful granddaughter, Stevanna Jackson, who, by the way, is a student at Harvard University, to also sit on the board of directors ensuring the next generation of Jackson’s are well represented.’’

Why would me mention that Stevanna ‘’by the way’’ is studying at Harvard U.? Maybe he is just a proud granddad or..?
I Google ‘’Stevanna Jackson Harvard University’’ – This result comes up:

 ‘’Currently, Stevanna Jackson is attending Harvard University class of 2012, that alone in itself "worthy of notice", let alone all of the other body of work…’’ –

‘’Class of 2012’’ – interesting. (Remember ‘’we have 4 years to get it right’’ and the redirections from TIAI to the movie 2012?)

I click the link to follow – get directed to main page of Boston University School of Theology – The Anna Howard Shaw Center. But I can’t seem to find Stevannas’ name anywhere on the site. (Maybe some of you can try too?)
So I Google ‘’Stevanna Jackson Anna Howard Shaw Center’’… Result:

“Boston University School of Theology Anna Howard Shaw Center. ... I am requesting an undeletion of Stevanna Jackson due to the policy and guidelines of ...’’ –

This is same link as I got before – but still I cannot find the text as is being referred to in the search result… Maybe one of you can help me follow up on this as I got curios if it means something.
 When I Google ‘’Stevanna Jackson undeletion’’ comes among others this link:  .

(Open it)

And there is this number again… 02:12 = 2012. I am curious if this means anything. The page is supposedly created June 17 2008. (30 days)

In the bottom of the one showed as have been deleted on July 18 2008 02:12 it says ‘’This page was last modified 01:46, 19 July 2008.”
In this one: it says ‘’ This page was last modified on 7 December 2009 at 05:18.’’
Only differences in the two links I can see are in the ‘’latest’’ version an addition of ‘’ She is also the grandaughter of Katherine Jackson and Joe Jackson and the cousin of Paris Jackson, Prince Jackson, Jr. and Blanket Jackson.’’
I might be way off – but anything suspicious should be discussed. Can anyone make anything out of this?
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Re: Is there clues to follow in the note from Joe?

  • on: January 02, 2010, 03:39:53 PM
I think you have spotted something very interesting here. In many random articles and the like, there seem to be oddly worded sentences or something that doesn't fit etc...
I think they could be deliberately put in there so that we google it.
I do think that 2012 is relevant and this may be the clue itself, so that people look more into this.
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