Non believers behavior on social media...The "attacks" on the Jacksons.

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I'm sorry, but I just have to bring up a subject that is bothering me at times, and that is the ignorance of some fans who also are non believers; Their behavior has to cause the Jackson family headaches sometimes, and/or hurt. But I guess the Jackson family "signed up for it" as it is a hoax, right?!

There is now an article making its rounds on social media, and some fans are ready to attack the Jacksons on social media, especially Janet & Randy.


Some fans, and other people who are pro Michael Jackson,  are constantly talking and teaching others of critical thinking, and how they need to research facts, but fail themselves on their own end, and ridicule everyone else who believe or claim Michael Jackson is alive. Sometimes their behavior are not far from those who believe Michael is guilty. Some needs to be humble, and practice what they preach.

I just think it’s ridiculous to single out, and attack, family members of the Jackson family without knowing what’s really going on, or if it is true.
I just had to bring it up, because there are days where I cringe being on social media watching the ignorant hate and prejudice.
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