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Death hoax newbie

  • on: November 04, 2019, 01:10:22 PM

I have taken myself right back to the beginning of MJs death hoax.

I have a couple of questions. I get that MJ was a extremely influential person but what did he do in the 80s that made him a target to the extend the pepsi incident was set up? After black or white with the massages he sent via the panther dance video people would have saw him as a problem.
It didnt cross my mind that the Pepsi commercial could have been a set up. I always thought MJs troubles started with the 93 allegations being set up from the moment his car broke down.

Also i have just watched the YT video about MJ being a victim of mind control. If this is true how did they manage to get their hands on him  to control him. In the video it is mentioned how they managed to control the girls but they couldnt have controlled MJ this way. MJ has always been a man who lives by his own rules so i can understand that he rebelled in the late 80s which wouldnt of bowed well with the people who were controlling him.

Tia :) x
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Re: Death hoax newbie

  • on: November 11, 2019, 11:11:55 PM

80's - Breaking records, barriers as a black man. That's probably the first problem. Example, Sam Cooke.
Probably also saw the shift of influence Michael would have, by the amount in which he already had.
And the direction in which he wanted to go, healing the world, helping the children.
What we see the the 90's and beyond with his humanitarianism was probably already manifesting heavily in the 80s.
Those inside the industry could probably see it, and when he wanted something, he got it.
His beliefs and insurmountable strength from those beliefs made him harder to control.

Pepsi was the real beginning and 93 was just 'wrong place, wrong time' situation that was about money only.
Work was already done, and they piggybacked on it by going the full distance to tarnish his reputation.
But it was more of an opening then a setup. Michael setup a perfect storm and they did the damage.

Maybe he was always in control, or maybe at times he lost himself.
He was obviously very dedicated to his career and being the greatest entertainer that ever lived.
And because he was so stubborn in that regard, he probably stumbled a couple of times.
And that was to further his ultimate goal, the bigger picture.
Or maybe not.
'Will You Be There' kind of alludes to him not being able to carry on sometimes.
And that even if he did lose his way, he was always going to find his way back.


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