The 'Golden' Tickets for This Is It

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The 'Golden' Tickets for This Is It

  • on: September 29, 2019, 11:57:00 PM
I was going through old forum posts from MJHD, and I bumped on something I almost forgot. I asked way back in July 2009 if anyone had actually bought/received their tickets for This Is It (the tour). I can't find that actual thread (yet) but I did find a reply to that in the follow-up thread I posted, here is the reply:

I bought a lot of tickets… for July and for August .

1) Tickets have been sold, I bought them with credit card and ticketmaster took the money from it. What seemed strange is that they told us to wait  a lot for the tickets to be shipped, a lot of us chose  to receive tickets with FEDEX which cost a lot, but they kept saying no one would have received their tickets until a week before the show.At first I thought it was usual policy to prevent scammers from reselling them.Now I think it's odd.

2) We have the possibility to choose full refund or the ” golden ticket” but  only if you refuse to have the money back. I think I'm going to ask the refund, they say that it takes at least 21 days to have money back.I don't know what it takes to receive the ticket instead of money.You  can choose the ticket untill the 14th of August  then you can ask only for refund.I'm not sure if someone has already received the ticket but you can go to communities and ask.

July 25, 2009 by bubblesthechimp

Does anyone know how many people actually chose the 'golden' ticket? These tickets turned out to be the holographic tickets. The 'real' tickets looked like this:

These were apparently only sold at the O2 itself, so I would assume not many actual printed tickets were/are around. Also, I found tickets for my Prince concert in 2010 when going through piles of old papers a few weeks ago, and they were digital tickets. Weren't there digital tickets a year before that? It seems so odd that those people didn't get their ordered tickets shipped until a week before the start of the tour.

Another thing that I thought was odd but never thought about again in a decade, was that people could choose NOT to get a refund, and get the special ticket instead. These tickets were designed my Michael according to this article: For what purpose would Michael design tickets when TII would have regular tickets and was supposed to be his last? And how did AEG know about those so early on (June 30) unless he had already told them/showed them?

Now I can see how you would offer disappointed fans a souvenir, but for 50 to 75 pounds a ticket? I can have that shit printed in China for less than a quarter a piece. That really sounded unreasonable to me back then (and still). For shipping costs maybe, but honestly they should have shipped them out AND refunded just for the inconvenience, knowing how much they made from the merchandise. Many fans were unhappy as well:

AEG suspected that 25-30% of the people would actually go for the souvenir tickets, have we ever heard if that estimate was accurate?

If we assume 60 million pounds in sales and an average of 62.50 pounds per ticket, that means that approximately 960,000 tickets were sold. If 25% of the people indeed went for the souvenir ticket, that would mean there should be around 240,000 special tickets around the world. That's about 10 sold out concerts in a slightly bigger venue than O2, a venue that would actually fit all the shit Michael wanted to put in the venue for the show.

There is some rumor going around about  a Michael Jackson Hologram Tour.

It's probably just wishful thinking, hoping this saga will finally come to a closure, but WHAT IF those tickets were the actual entrance tickets for that show and it will not be a hologram? That way he would have secured himself of sold out concerts, since the concerts were sold out a decade ago already.

Just a thought.

Who has one?

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Re: The 'Golden' Tickets for This Is It

  • on: September 30, 2019, 05:40:58 PM
In regards to why they would offer *special* golden tickets in return for not claiming a refund the cynic in me says that they used people's emotions (that MJ had "died") in order to make a huge profit. I bet most fans did not demand a refund.

About the hologram tour, they were planning to do one at one point. I had heard through the grapevine that a production company owned by a music/TV mogul had wanted to do one, developing the technology further, with MJ and other artists. This is just something I heard about 2 years ago and cannot confirm if true or not. Perhaps the project got put on hold.


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