Falsely Accused - Donald Trump

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Re: Falsely Accused - Donald Trump

  • on: October 13, 2018, 07:15:03 AM
It's odd how this so-called "Repressive Memory" hits people so MANY years after and at the "right" moment.

-- 4 years after MJ died (therefore couldn't defend himself). Wade Robson suddenly remembered... after 15-20 years!!! .... thast he was molested by MJ ==> Defamation/ Obstruction (right when a new MJ project was about to be released by Estate) and 'Money making' seeking

-- This woman suddenly comes up ....30 years after!!... , with sexual assault accusations against a man that, "coincidentally" was just about to be appointed at the Supreme Court ==> 'Obstruction' seeking, probably also money (settlement), character assassination of a man just because he is endorsed by Trump!

This "Modus Operandi" is so familiar.

What they did to Kavanaugh looked so much like what they did to Michael.
I listened to Kavanaugh's entire Opening Statement. Moving!
Try to picture Michael Jackson speaking...he would have said pretty much the same things!
Name, career, family ruined! Media linching, Presumption of Innocence broken!

VIDEO -->> https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4751827/judge-brett-kavanaughs-opening-statement


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