Keeping it Real - Fact-Checking (Mis)Information in the MJ Death Hoax Part 1

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Keeping it Real - Fact-Checking (Mis)Information in the MJ Death Hoax
Part One – Was the dead body a cryogenics body?

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

In her documentary Pearl claims that the body that was picked up at Carolwood Drive on June 25, 2009, came from a cryogenics laboratory.

Pearl claims that everything in her documentaries, or even everything she says ever, is 100% factual and accurate.  So let’s do some fact-checking here and see if it will stand the test of truth.

‘Fact’ #1 - A cryogenic body is ‘frozen’

FALSE. The body is not ‘frozen’. The whole point is not to freeze the body because that will damage the tissue too much. As much fluids as possible are being removed from the body and replaced with a preservative to prevent freezing. The body is being cooled down to such a low point that the body is ‘glass-like’ and all molecules have stopped moving.

It’s a shut-down, not a deep freeze. Ice crystals are the enemy of good biological sustainability, according to Alcor.

‘Fact’ #2 – Only two ingredients are needed in the cryogenic process: liquid nitrogen to cool the body and propofol to preserve the brain

FALSE. First of all, regular ice is needed in the form of an ice bath, a cooling mask and a sprinkler with ice water for the first cooling right after legal death. The body is immediately being ventilated and an automated CPR machine keeps the blood circulation going.
The body receives no less than 16 different types of medication, one of them being propofol. Yet the propofol is not being used to preserve the brain, the propofol is administered to make sure the body doesn’t regain consciousness.
Besides propofol the body receives anti-acids, medication to maintain blood pressure, medication to reduce sodium metabolism, blood thinners, etc.
All this is just the beginning of the process to take the temperature of the body down to just above freezing point of water as quick as possible.

After the body cooled down enough, at least down to 20 degrees Celsius or cooler, it’s being brought into the operating room. Here they make some holes in the skull to monitor the brain and they access the large vessels of the heart and connect those up to the heat exchanger and the perfusion machine to wash out the bodily fluids as much and as quick as possible and replace them with a cryoprotectant. This starts with a low concentration not to chemically shock the cells. The concentration is gradually being increased over time, cooling the body down to a glass-like state. The cryoprotectant is not for preservation either, it is used to protect the tissue from freezing damage. The glass-like state that the body will eventually turn into is what preserves both body and brain.

Only after this procedure the body is placed into a sleeping bag for protection and lowered upside-down into a tank filled with liquid nitrogen to slowly cool the body even further down until it reaches a temperature of a little under -190 degrees Celsius.

‘Fact’ #3 – The propofol is added to the body with a ‘propofol apparatus’ that supposedly left the mark on Michael’s chest.

FALSE. That is not a ‘propofol apparatus’ she is showing in her documentary, it is an automatic CPR machine to keep blood circulation going. The same bruises can occur from manual CPR since that is performed on the same spot. And I am not a medical expert so if you are and I am wrong, please correct me, but since all the blood is being removed from the body, there wouldn’t be a hematoma at all on the chest.

‘Fact’ #4 – No propofol levels in the brain and high levels in the body supports her theory she claims, because propofol leaves a living body quite quickly and thus the propofol was injected into an already dead patient.

FALSE. The body is on full life support seconds or a maximum of minutes after death occurs. That means that the blood will have oxygen and circulation. Biological processes — including kidney and gastric functions — can continue for about a week in that case. This means the propofol would leave this body just like a normal living body. But even if that wouldn’t happen, the brain would (at that point) also have levels of propofol since it’s part of the body’s blood circulation. But none of that matters really, since the blood will be taken out of the body completely in the next stage and therefore the propofol as well. Mind that the autopsy report also mentioned urine in the bladder, which also goes against any type of cryogenic body theory.

These facts make it highly unlikely that the used body was a cryogenic body. If it were and the reviving techniques were unsuccessful, we would not find the drugs in the blood as stated on the autopsy report. If it was a real dead body that was used on June 25, it is more likely that it was a terminally ill patient who has been on life support for a few days. Since there was no sign of cancer in the autopsy report it might have been someone suffering from ALS or something similar that makes the respiratory system shut down. The whole cryogenic body theory simply makes no sense.
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first of all remind me never to do this lol.  " We give them propofol so that they will not wake up." so in other words a person has a possibly of regaining life afterwards and they keep you under so that you don't wake up and let everyone know. nope. it is such a shame, poeple should really fact cheak all things, even more so if she doesn't give any other info then her word only, all this could be avoided if people had the simple process of seeking out the truth for themselves, there have been a lot of things in the past that, at first glace, we got hyped about. however, after looking further, it was discovered that it just didn't hold up after  a more detailed assessment of the information was done. it doesn't mean that you are stupid for believing the information at first, there are a lot of things that are in the hoax that you will have no knowledge of when you come across it. legal, medical, ect are simply things most people will have to look into and study upon before they can say for sure that it is right.


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