L.O.V.E. meanings

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L.O.V.E. meanings

  • on: December 30, 2009, 12:00:22 AM
Let Obvious Visual Exonerates
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Some men see things as they are and say: WHY?
I dream things that never were and say: WHY NOT?

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Re: L.O.V.E. meanings

  • on: December 30, 2009, 12:18:24 AM
Love Overcomes Virtually Everything
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Re: L.O.V.E. meanings

  • on: December 30, 2009, 01:57:00 PM
Here's a list that was posted a while ago:

1. Let Our Violence End

2. Look Observe Verify Enjoy

3. Listen, Overlook, Value, Encourage

3. Lots of Valuable Energy

4. Let Our Values Endure

5. Living Our Vision Everyday

6. Living Our Victories Everyday

7. Look Observe Verify Enjoy

8. Leaders of Volunteer Efforts

9. Learning to Overcome Violence Everywhere

10. Leave Out Violence Everywhere

11. Lifes Only Valable Emotion

12. Language of Various Emotions

13. Let Our Vulnerability End

14. Listen Organize Vote Exercise [Deals in Actions]

15. Listen Overlook Value Enjoy

16. Live Only Virtuous Expressions [living only virtue in expressions, is when one is expressing what love is..]

17. Love Overcomes Virtually Everything

I thought Kenny said once that L.O.V.E. is standing for number 17
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\'Just because it\'s in print, doesn\'t mean it\'s the gospel\'

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Re: L.O.V.E. meanings

  • on: January 04, 2010, 02:55:33 PM
Hi everyone.

For some reason, I feel like when Michael spells out the word "love", it might be a big clue.

Someone mentioned Vibrational Energy on a different topic on this forum, so I've been doing some research. It's interesting to me in itself as I am a massage therapist and do some work with energy (nothing too complicated). I came across this website and I think it's a very interesting idea as far as MJ is concerned. We know that if he is alive, which I believe he is, he would be using this time to heal from all of his emotional suffering in his life and also his physical problems (whether or not he has any major ones seems to be the question of the century).

We know Michael is very spiritual. It would make a lot of sense that he is well educated and well in touch with the Law of Attraction. He has had great success and achieved the unachievable. But what I feel is most profound, and perhaps this is just me being weird, is that he puts off an energy that I can FEEL. I know many others feel this way too, we feel we know him even though we've never met him. We feel love for him and from him on a personal level although that defies all logic.

So maybe this is a stretch, but so are a lot of theories out there. I'm not saying this is what Michael meant by L.O.V.E, but it can't hurt to look into. The more ideas we have, the deeper we dig, the closer we will get to the truth. And like Michael and God says, "The truth will prevail!"

Check out this website and let me know what you all think. It's all about a certain technology that promotes healing utilizing vibrational energy.

http://www.60daystohealth.com/LOVE-PAGE ... vesmichael
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