Glenda Tapes

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Glenda Tapes

  • on: April 30, 2018, 07:16:21 AM
Hi everyone

It's been a while for me so I'm sorry if this has been discussed recently, I couldn't find the post.

I wanted to revisit the Glenda tapes, specifically one which Michael talks with Glenda's wife Sam.

I always found it extremely odd (and inappropriate) when Sam says to MJ ' maybe you should die'. This is proceeded by a morbid conversation about who is going to outlive whom. It sounded like a strained conversation to begin with, with Michael not seeming as open as when he talks with Glenda. Interestingly, Sam further clarifies by saying 'in the media'. The bit that really got my attention was when MJ replies "it's going to be the British'.

Now, considering we believe that Michael could have planned a hoax for many years, and the fact that Michael's 'last' public appearance was in the UK to announce 'This Is It', that seems very strange to me. What are your thoughts? I hope it doesn't offend anyone that I post the video but please remove if so. Listen from around 2:30.


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Re: Glenda Tapes

  • on: April 30, 2018, 07:16:43 AM
I think Michael has planned his escape for years, I also think that very few people knew it. Maybe Glenda and her husband knew it.


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