The Golden Box and others

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The Golden Box and others

  • on: December 29, 2009, 09:56:31 PM
My dearest Michael,

I've typed in so many letters for you in the old board and I feel so low with the thought that you are not even reading them.  But just in case, again, I just want to tell you that I have given 60 literary works about you to people. I have met (via internet) your friend Jerry and I have sent him also my works for him to read - so as he can tell me if you'll be proud to read it,too.

Anyway, I have this poem entitled THE GOLDEN BOX :

The never ending flow,
Of feeds and informations,
Are still being thrown,
To those with different intentions.

No one can deny,
The sight of the Golden Box,
Supposed to have the contents,
Of the physicality of Michael.

No one can be fooled,
When there's no actual proof,
Where many among the crowd,
Speculate more than the badge.

The Golden Box would indicate,
A void that would explain,
The significance being held,
In bidding it farewell.

It's just an empty box,
And that the majority knows,
The meaning would be profound,
Of which he'll never be bound.

To fathom will not be easy,
But with the heart one will clearly see,
With what he has endured,
Has been poured into the box.

Everything that has been haunting,
Created by his fame,
He has to let go off,
And put it all in the box.

The numerous assaults,
By the media and the journalists,
Who claim to have the freedom,
Of speech to justify their filths.

The box would be filled with burdens,
From the start of being praised,
Then loved and being used,
Which is all too delusive.

The Golden Box would be,
A very poignant stage,
The release from all hypocrisy,
Which is kept from the majority.

The Golden Box is indeed,
The platform to start anew,
Took time, trust and courage,
For all his demons to be buried.

The metaphorical touch,
Of this Golden Box,
Signifies his knowledge of the truth,
And his resiliency to be wiser.

From this point onwards,
With the value of life in his hands,
He must be guided well,
To continue in making a difference.

There will be no more fretting,
It's time he has decided,
To clean out the air,
And take his place that he deserves.

J U L I E T ***
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Re: The Golden Box

  • on: December 30, 2009, 04:42:02 AM
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"Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind."
Bertrand Russel

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Re: The Golden Box and others

  • on: January 04, 2010, 05:10:41 AM
My dearest Michael,

I've been missing you terribly and I know I'll miss you tomorrow and the days after tomorrow.
I wrote something entitled THE TRANSITION, I hope you like it,


I can't seem to find,
The accurate locution,
Wherein my heart and my mind,
Are powerless since you've been gone.

The coldness I feel,
Is so much worse than winter,
Where the vapors are heavy,
Suffocating me to somber.

My visions are clouded,
Reflecting my sentiments,
Have lost the sparkle,
Just the pretense of a gaze.

It's not the same,
There's a void in the air,
Your abrupt absence,
Needs to be explained.

Your songs I listen,
But can't properly be heard,
Cuts my heart to pieces,
Awaiting for your return.

Where have you gone,
I feel so forlorn,
The mendacious conversations,
Are putting me down.

I've never felt so dreary,
The more I get weary,
With all the same old news,
Loomed by various spindles.

Pondering upon the differences,
Of how people can alter,
Of once you're always there,
But they drove you away.

Your emotions are our emotions,
Can't survive without the other,
Interdependent on one another,
The redress isn't over.

Your heart beats the desire,
To know if we care for you at all,
Dont let the bleakness in others,
Put those doubts in your mind.

Time will relinquish,
Your prolific expression,
Certain to replenish the fire,
The reverberation of your authentic pneuma.

J U L I E T ***
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Re: The Golden Box and others

  • on: January 04, 2010, 08:36:28 PM
My dearest Michael,

My thoughts are always of you and do miss you terribly. Here's something for you to read which describes very well what you've gone through and the apparent situation.


To be deprived, so as to know what to endow,
To be maligned and see the filth in their hearts,
To lose, so as he can ascertain,
To give, with so much received.

To be ill, to have a better and stronger will,
To despair, then bring back his hope,
To famish for truth, so as to nourish his faith,
To endure pain, so as to release his love.

To be sad, so as to find genuine happiness,
To be cold, for the importance of warmth,
To be in the dark, which made him search for the light,
To be astray, and know the real way.

To have lost, to gain the importance,
To the past, where he values the present,
To aspire, to replace the doubts,
To let the sun, clear out the clouds.

To share more, of which is austere to others,
To be caring, when he is disregarded,
To value, the life that's been given,
To gain knowledge, of what has been ignored.

To stay back, to be able to connect,
To fill in, of that which is insufficient,
To clear the path, occupied with chaos,
Of the reality, they created to be surreal.

To be in goodness, to know the wickedness,
To be blind, to be able to see clearly,
To the questions, he's always finding solutions,
To leave, for the right reason to come back.

To step forward, even though he was held back,
To the truth, which they call a lie,
To miss, to stress the esteem,
Of his presence, in the phase of his absence.

To release, so as to contain,
To the object, wherein he must obtain,
To be immobile, so he can move better,
To be apart, so as to unite.

To be hindered, when he fights for freedom,
For the men, who have given their lives,
To expose, of that which is concealed,
To awaken, the consciousness in slumber.

I've written, some of the paradox,
That relates to numerous excoriations,
Which led to more noble understandings,
Of Michael's destiny to engender humanism.

J U L I E T ***
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Re: The Golden Box and others

  • on: January 06, 2010, 10:39:20 PM
Dearest Michael,

I'm somberly waiting for you and am lonely as ever.
I wrote something about you, again.

                                           MICHAEL'S EXPEDIENCE

History repeats itself,
Meant to be, not just pushed into the shelf,
It's there to be studied and be an example,
To guide and disseminate events of generations.

The lives of people from different status,
The rich and the poor, the known and the unknown,
Have been exemplified for the sufferings they've learned,
Procuring the reality of living in this world.

From various sects of our society,
Some men were born to obtain a position,
To contain and abet of those who require,
The means to be part of the changing community.

To talk in perspective is much of a controversy,
Relating matters of politics and yet separating the Holy See,
As centuries have passed men have grown greedy,
To convene their selfishness in despise of getting weary.

The works and the speeches of leaders and humble persons,
Inspire and illuminate the way of altering times,
The causes of these transformations are the apex of some crisis,
The turning points of the sacrifice of the lives of many men.

It's unbelievably inexplicable when the impact comes from an artist,
The worldwide tutelage is passed down to different ages,
The comprehension of living in respect of one another,
Describes the music and the messages of Michael.

He touches on relationships that is ruled by the heart,
Alienates not the race, the age and the religion,
The awareness he brings through all the messages he sings,
Puts meaning to the universe which was created not meant to be destroyed.

The beauty of the world where we all live in,
Must be part of the core of every living thing,
To disregard its importance for our sustenance,
Is like foolishly saying we don't have a heart.

The beauty of the young from whom the future  holds,
Must be cared for, nourished and tendered,
For as we treat them, so will they also,
Treat the coming generations and thereafter follow.

With all his messages and not just his exemplary art,
There'll be no room for darkness with the knowledge of living,
Surely brings his insight into a fruitful plight,
Where the whole universe will, come in sight with delight.

J U L I E T ***
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Re: The Golden Box and others

  • on: January 09, 2010, 08:25:49 PM
Dearest Michael,

I know that sometimes doubts would hover over your heart/mind.  Please never forget that you are destined for alterations to take place.

I wrote something for you, again, and I do hope it will explain my thoughts.


If things just came that easy,
Hard work wouldn't have a meaning,
From his childhood he has seen,
The importance of his blessings.

If the color of his skin,
Had been that as the British Queen,
Then the discrimination would remain,
Leaving others in disdain.

If the sick and the suffering,
Have been kept from his sight,
His music and his charities,
Wouldn't have been applied.

If he wasn't that sensitive,
He wouldn't be productive,
Then the living with his art,
Would just tear him apart.

If some people kept away,
From his fame and success,
The knowldege of greed and deceit,
Wouldn't be exposed to its peak.

If love does not rule his heart,
His music will totally be meaningless,
He would have never played the part,
Then all the truth will be useless.

If he wasn't meant to be,
There'll be no reason at all for his existence
For his life, music, song and dance,
Have been destined and can never be an IF.

J U L I E T ***
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Re: The Golden Box and others

  • on: January 10, 2010, 10:04:44 PM
Dearest Michael,

Everybody's pretending to be you. The confusions and the doubts will never find their entry into my heart.

                                                OUR PARADISE
In the beginning of creation,
Goodness is all of the notion,
All of the living and non-living things,
Co-exist with one another.

No words were spoken,
Understanding came easy,
For the simple reason,
Out of love is the creation.

The time of the Forbidden Fruit,
Evil tempted the Man and the Woman,
With such envy, to displease our Loving Creator,
Where darkness loomed through all generations.

But among the following generations,
The Son of God had to be born,
Through a beautiful Virgin Woman,
Where the enmity had been sown.

But man's understanding of these things,
Wherein faith would always be challenged,
With this story as a creed,
Giving temptations thereon to breed.

Apparently with all the modernism,
Different parts of the media have grown,
Feeding confusions and illusions,
And make men forget their roots of the creed.

Ignorance is taken as a better choice,
In regards to so much alterations,
Pains and sufferings are camouflaged with deceit,
With the environmental changes packaged with it.

The amazing global knowledge,
Of the existence of Michael Jackson,
Has awakened and revived awareness,
Of the importance of our creation.

Together we must maintain, he said,
The beauty of our Paradise,
Our existence must not be abstained,
For peace and love to be attained.

J U L I E T ***
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Re: The Golden Box and others

  • on: January 15, 2010, 06:56:28 PM
Dearest Michael,

Here's something for you.


It is really so difficult,
The need for a closure,
When nothing is certain,
One must hold on to the vault.

When truths are vended,
And chaos is preferred,
The point of understanding,
Is lost at a cost.

So much time is passing,
There's so much hissing,
Some sentiments wane,
Their shouts are contained.

They know in their hearts,
With the logic indulged,
To grope in the dark,
In the absence of their lark..

It isn't easy,
To hold back the vault,
And the strength of the truth,
Must not strain the heart.

Just need a spark,
To ignite the motion,
A real communication,
From their loving lark.

J U L I E T ***
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Re: The Golden Box and others

  • on: February 11, 2010, 12:35:22 AM
Dear Michael,

Thanks for the Yellow Toy Car & the Yellow Ragdoll alligned with the Judge.
That's really great, and only the one's with very keen sense would be able to get it.

I'm waiting here and when you think it's the right time, that's when you use the BEST for the LAST.

And I want you to know that I've been telling people that Your Smile is the Smile of the Heart, very obvious when you hold a child in your arms next to your heart.

Please remember that you are always in my heart and please put my heart in yours to keep you safe.

J U L I E T ***
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