Arnie Klein on TMZ revisited

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Arnie Klein on TMZ revisited

  • on: December 07, 2009, 05:48:42 PM
I was just going over Kleins ridiculous interview with TMZ
and getting really cheesed off with his "Oh MJ peed in public all the time" statement
Now besides the fact that he looked like he was actually, be it in a rather foolish way,
trying to give a plausible reason as to why one of the young accusers would "know" details
about MJ's private parts , what got me was his whole "pee in a cup " thing  like this he
really emphasized , and peeing in a cup is also what taking a drugs test is called    
so is it possible that Arnie was actually trying to convey that MJ had taken numerous
drugs tests ?  Like professional sports people have to do this too right?  Not sure where this
is actually taking me though, but say a top sportsperson was caught taking drugs then they
regularly have to take these tests to prove that they are staying clean or they get randomly
tested unannounced    so maybe MJ given his past problems also was tested from time to time and Arnie was( sneakily) pointing this out ,that MJ was tested and drugfree?
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