Update on Dave Dave

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Update on Dave Dave

  • on: September 26, 2014, 07:04:19 AM
I'm not sure if people still follow Dave Dave, but I wanted to share some of his social media accounts in case anyone would like to follow is art and music or just want to know what he is up to:





For some reason, I had always thought he had gone to law school, but it seems that he is an artist now.  Unless he works as an attorney as a day job to support is artwork (it's possible).  I also had thought he was in Utah, but it looks like he is either in Las Vegas or LA. 

I came across this video recently of him promoting a new city directory, Nomic. 


And, I like how he lists himself as a 'pop icon. recording artist. visionary.'


I think that it is interesting that he is (or was?) in Vegas because there was that tweet by Nelson de la Nuez: LV 13 10 56 several weeks ago. Someone had pointed out that '56' is the age Michael would have been if he were alive. I'm guessing 'LV 13 10' could mean that something is happening in Vegas on October 13th.

I did come across one event on that day.  David Copperfield has a show on 10/13 at 7p at the Hollywood Theatre at MGM Grand.  Do you guys think that MJ could be there in disguise?

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Re: Update on Dave Dave

  • on: September 27, 2014, 12:26:56 AM
That's interesting, especially about the part listing himself as a pop icon and the sentence below that of There is no story to be told
I am sure Dave knows Michael is alive - maybe we should watch this a little more closely and see if either his pic changes on the nomic site or if any words change.

I noticed on the video this was shot 9 months ago - that would have been at the end of December 2013.

Good find!

Love you Michael!
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