The Big reunion

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The Big reunion

  • on: March 13, 2014, 06:13:28 AM

What a big happy mix family reunion  :icon_e_confused: .Wow they look so,so happy,like nothing tragic ever happen,to them lol  :icon_mrgreen:  :icon_lol:  :icon_e_confused: .....after all they are on The Screen not because their supposed talents,that's for sure  :computer-losy-smiley: .Lately M.J. kids, are used alot for promoting different "things" and this is beyond me,cause why would some(one) use M.J. children for promoting themselves  :icon_e_confused: ?? .
Our memory it's being refreshed over and over again about some unpleasant past events( regarding Jackson members) .....that took place along time ago.But how about some Real talent man and some New music ?? Yea some New music.....I mean Recent  :icon_geek:, and not that one that was made 10 or 20 years ago lol.....and kept under vault like some big FBI secret  for the Future events   :icon_rolleyes:.


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