XSCAPE album and Billboard Hologram

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Re: XSCAPE album and Billboard Hologram

  • on: May 29, 2014, 08:13:52 AM
Just some thoughts on  the album Xscape and the billboard Illusion. This is not thought out, but just as it comes .......

The Estate chose to revisit the Dangerous era for the billboards awards hologram performance. Maybe their reasoning for this was because this is supposedly the era that the song Slave to the Rhythm  was worked,  but it never made the cut to the album at that point in  time. Common sense would tell me this is why this era and not for example Bad was chosen,  but the hoax glasses make me see a little differently.
Is there something more here. This may be a stretch, but here goes anyway......
I also couple this era [Dangerous] in my mind when Michael's trouble started in earnest. Before the chandler allegations MJ was sitting securely upon his throne. The King undisputed, but along come  the chi/mo allegations fuelled by the tabloid feeding frenzy and it  started a process that Michael never totally recovered from in the eyes of the world.
Looking  at a couple of tracks on Xscape [the album name itself speaks volumes] for example A Place With No Name, maybe it holds more than pointing to the crypt at Forest Lawn. The lyrics for the track start out with Michael  singing about driving his jeep and getting a flat tyre and finding himself stuck on the side of the road.
Maybe it is just me and my imagination again, but it made me think of the situation when MJ's jeep broke down and he was brought into contact with the chandler klan.

Here are the first few lines of the song....
As I drove across on the highway
My jeep began to rock
I didn't know what to do so I stopped and got out
And looked down and noticed I got a flat

So I walked out, parked the car like sideways
So I can find what I can fix
I looked around there were no cars on the highway
I felt a strange feeling like a mist

I walked down towards the end of the road
And in the fog a woman appeared
She said don't you worry my friend I'll take care
Take my hand, I'll take you there

Another interesting inclusion is the track Do You Know Where Your Children Are. This is a very ballsy inclusion IMO, cause it confronts the hearers and puts sexual abuse of minors in the forefront of the listeners thinking because of the lyrics.

Chicago talks about a woman who was still married and had a family but  deceived this man [ in the song] . Hmm. Maybe I'm way off and it's just my overhoaxed brain, but June could fit this description here too.
That's it for now, as I watch MJ [figuratively in a hologram/ impersonator form] walk back up those stairs and reclaim that throne that is rightfully his and yeah....totally own it.

Jump in at the deep end. 
I never trusted myself to much to share my toughts.
My further my interpretation of the lyricks of place with no name.

I read that Michael lived with June and her children for a while.
He went every day there for diner.
(if it is true what i read)
Looked like he was in love with June,bought her a love bracelet.
As she took me right through the fog                                         
I see a beautiful city appear
Where kids are playin' and people are laughin' and smiling and
No one's in fear

Michael was lonely.and June took him out of his loneliness,he had the family he was so longing for.
Children..happiness and a family live and love. Love from the children and from the lady..no more reason to be scared, he finaly found the one(so he tought and hoped)

She said this is the place where no people have pain
And in love and happiness
She turned around looked down at my eyes and started cryin'
She grabbed my hand, you got a friend

Take me to a place without no name
Place without no name
Take me to a place without no name
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

Yeah Yeah

She started likin' me kissin' me and huggin' me
She didn't really, really want me to leave
She showed me places I've never seen things I've never done
This place really looks like a lotta fun

I seen the grass and the sky and the birds
And the flowers surrounded by the trees
This place is filled with love and happiness
and not a world could I wanna leave

Michael tought he found real love,This sounds like he was really in love with this lady.And for the first time in his live he found this kind of happiness. and never felt like this before

So then I went in my pocket took my wallet on out
With my pictures of my family and girl
This is the place that you choose to be with me
When you thought you could be in another world

Than reallitey hits,and he finds himself in a horror story. so much Betrayal

You thought you could be happy Michael and xscape your world, were you are surrounded by leeches and hypocrites,here is a other thing coming.
This is the live you choose ,you wanted to be a superstar there is no way back.
We come back to haunt you if you dont walk the road we choose for you. one way or an other. You are our money machine and destroy you if neccesary.
There is no one to trust.

Michael is hurt and depressed like never before. it tells him he cant  trust anyone.And boy how right he was..Because it happens again and again and again.

The betrayal is buiding and every goldigger jumps on the wagon and wants a piece of Michael Jackson.
The terrible horror leads him finally to the place with no name,the place he dont want to ends up(Forest Lawn). He desparate is looking for the place WITHOUT no name.
A place with a name were he can be happy again(like Neverland with Family).
I was hoping this hoax was the tool, and we al are helping him to get him away from the place with no name,and get him to the place of happinis again..the place without no name.

Take me to a place without no name
Place without no name
Take me to a place without no name
No name

My toughts from the lyricks,it is more reading his lyricks in between the lines.
Something i do from wen this all started.

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Re: XSCAPE album and Billboard Hologram

  • on: May 29, 2014, 11:28:25 AM
are u al talking about june gatlin ( i think that's her name).  the person that told him to not know about his money is not good.  if so, what did she do?   :confused:

No that was his advisor.
This June is the mother of Jordan Chandler from the first allegations.

http://youtu.be/7zeB65d3fpQ  Dont know if this fan thing of her is also true, i know it al started wen his car broke down and het he went to a garage who belonged to Jordans stepfather, he called Jordan because he was a big fan. from there it goes.
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Re: XSCAPE album and Billboard Hologram

  • on: May 30, 2014, 03:20:22 AM
If it is true that Michael bought her that jewellery and they both were seeing each other, then I wonder whether June tried to exploit MJ and when she miserably failed, sought help from Evan to cook up child abuse stories. idk just imagining...

Ik think that was the case. June tried to get in his live and to get acces to all what live with a superstar good offer her.
But jealousy get in the way and  other conspiracy?. then she settled for the money and cooperated wih Evan and David.
Michel had found an other golddigger in her!