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  • on: January 16, 2014, 06:47:41 PM
Greetings. I remain anonymous. I am in the know and I will reveal some secrets.

Michael did indeed fake his death.  He is what we refer to as a Hollywood death faker. And there a lots of them. So many in fact.

Your overall desire to seek out, gain, or acquire evidence is certainly important and necessary.  However, it is a trap and creates a perpetual loop of debate.  One reason why it is a trap is because when real secrets or truths are revealed there then is an automatic seemingly logical tendency to demand proof for the claim.  But when it comes to the vast Hollywood and media world of illusions sometimes proofs are impossible to obtain and any proofs obtained simply end up going through that perpetual debate process again.  Therefore, there must come a time when you must blindly trust.  The knowledge that is usually rejected, ignored, or overlooked en mass is usually where the truth resides.

I will now reveal some secrets about the world of celebrity death hoaxing:

1) The hoax involves active conscious participation by the media themselves.

2) The hoax involves the active conscious participation by law enforcement and the judicial system but usually rogue members within. This may also include the faking of documents.

3) At least once and probably numerous times the hoaxing party reveals the truth on purpose, the truth being that they are hoaxing.

4) Semi-related to number 3, evidence is leaked on purpose by the hoaxing party under the guise that some observer just stumbled upon it.

5) If the mainstream media gives any type of coverage to the topic that a celebrity death might have been faked, even referring to it as conspiracy theories, then they are purposely wanting to promote the hoax.  This is actually one of the keys in discerning if a celeb death is real or not.

6) Almost always the entire family and business staff of the celebrity are all in on the hoax.

7) Almost always one of the family members or business staff members will - in public via the media - suggest, hint, or allude to a possible hoax without admitting it. Thus they are wanting to perpetuate the idea of a death hoax without actually admitting it.

8) Numerous family members or business staff who are all in on the scam will partake in remarkable acting as they literally pretend to be mourning the loss of the family member. And sometimes pull off stunts under the guise that they are mourning severely. It's usually lies. However the public usually cannot fathom that the tears are fake. And yes, children are involved in the hoaxes too which should serve as a reminder of the darkness/evilness of these events.

9) Shills, gatekeepers, and trolls are purposely hired and entered into the mix.  This is meant to muddy the waters, to try and shift where the truth awareness is aimed at, and many other reasons not worth mentioning right now.

10) Related to number 9, the prominent or popular websites, blogs, or forums discussing a death hoax are often in on the scam. Meant to muddy the waters, perpetuate the hoax, control the hoax, leak information, etc.  Luckily for the hoaxers, the muddy waters are perpetuated further by all the general public via their chatter, debate, theories, etc, etc.  Often and usually the websites secretly involved in the hoax (under the guise of trying to expose the hoax) will censor and delete certain posts by members or certain contributions by members in order to keep control as to how far people will wake up to certain truths.

11) When dealing with a cult of Lucifer, as per Hollywood and the media, admission of what they are doing along with outright deception... is the norm.

12) Hollywood death hoaxers usually have an agenda in mind for their actions that have nothing to do with 'wanting to escape to have a private life'. In many cases, they don't actually go in hiding but instead transform themselves publicly or privately into new goals or careers, often the later related to 'world elite' type of sectors.

With those secrets revealed, I still cannot fully explain how complex the illusions are carried out simply because they are indeed very complex.

Here are some additional points:

- Ever notice how some evidence is just so obvious yet it remains absent from media investigation into it?  Obvious evidence is a sign of a purposely leak of that evidence. Like Michael leaving the ambulance, etc. A general rule of thumb is to remember that any death hoax can be carried out with remarkable professional Hollywood style precision whereby no error is made and nothing becomes questionable. If something is questionable, they are making it questionable on purpose.

- Without explain why, another general rule of thumb is that if the news media at all gives any type of coverage to a death hoax conspiracy, the media is purposely wanting to promote the idea of the hoax.  They do it in a way so as to make it seem they are only a third party reporting on the conspiracies versus being involved in the conspiracy itself. But if the conspiracy gets mainstream media coverage, even if small or minor, they are secretly revealing that yes indeed a hoax is going on. Remember, the news media are hoaxers themselves.  If they give coverage to something, there is usually an agenda slant going on. 

- That being said, regarding the above, sometimes however the mainstream news media has to remain totally silent. This usually occurs when the celebrity death hoaxer later becomes involved in darker activities related to secrets that the media cannot dare to reveal.  Example, the Hollywood death fakers who have later joined the (controlled fake) alternative media in order to carry out communist zionists agendas.  Examples of hoaxers in this later example are: River Phoenix who became Mark Dice. Bill Hicks who became Alex Jones. Brandon Lee who became Christoper Greene. Jonathan Brandis who became Adam Kokesh. And more. These are the dangerous zones and cannot at all be mentioned by the mainstream news. However, as per my previous point, it may occassional happen but only in minor, minor occassions as part of the admitting-without-admitting process that must occur as per the nature of their Beast. The Hollywood death fakers who transform themselves into new public lives always carry out three main things: minor plastic surgery changes, hormonal changes which modifies the voice, and strangely... nose changes usually involving the removal or inclusion of a nose bridge. The nose is key in tricking the eyes.  Just look at Jennifer Grey, who is not a death hoaxer by the way, and how oddly (but not completely) unrecognizable she becomes after she changed her nose. She says, "I went in the operating theatre a celebrity - and come out anonymous. It was like being in a witness protection program or being invisible. I remember going to a restaurant where I had been going for years. I ran into people I knew and would say, 'Hey.' Nothing. I'll always be this once-famous actress nobody recognizes... because of a nose job.".

I am seeing many of these cookie cutter signs related to the death of Paul Walker, however I have not fully investigated it yet.  Just glanced. But I noticed the mainstream news reporting on the conspiracies, which is generally a red flag for me.  A fake death photo of him also circulated around social media sites, of course clearly discovered later by the public that it was fake.  That is also a classic red flag; shills release fake photos on purpose knowing full well the photos will later be discerned as fake.  These types of ploys are need to further perpetuate other related hoaxes such as the mainstream media giving coverage on the 'photos that were found to be fake'.  Hard to explain because Hollywood death hoaxing is like stepping into the Twilight Zone world where nothing makes sense. The news media, by the way, would not dare risk giving coverage on the notion of a celebrity death being faked if the death was real. Why? Because the family might sue them. That being said, sometimes it does happen and the family indeed threatens to sue. But if that threat by the family also makes it into the news, then it is all actually an orchestrated suing hoax on the part of that media org along with that family. As stated, welcome to the Twilight Zone.

Another thing worth mentioning is that sometimes, but rarely, a celebrity is forced to fake their deaths without them wanting to partake in the nonsense. Sometimes blackmailed into doing it.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the celebrity death hoaxers, and all involved, are often very sloppy at times as they forget that .05% of the observers knows how the scams work. Like myself. Therefore, someone like myself can easily discern, as a hypothetical example, if a gatekeeper or shill responds to this post of mine versus a regular person. Shills and gatekeepers often get too comfortable and forget that 1 person out of 10,000,000 might know what is going on and what the signs and red flags are, although to the average onlooker that onlooker might have no clue that a shill has responded to my post, as per this hypothetical example.

Please keep in mind that everything I say is not so cut and dry. General rules of thumb only. For example, Marilyn Monroe did not fake her death but indeed there has been lots of media coverage regarding if her death was a murder or suicide. But notice how the media coverage does not touch on the possibly of a fake death notion? Thus news media presenting a suicide-versus-murder conspiracy is not a red flag.

The amount of Hollywood death hoaxers are actually more than you realize. Way more. If I told you all of them that I know of you might actually start to dislike Hollywood as I do.  And the ones who return to a public life might take years before they surface again under a new identity. A-lister celebs can pull off anything. And it is not just due to their wealth. But rather because the entire media system is controlled by elite con artists as well as higher levels of judicial and government agencies are all con artists. They all work together. For example, I have not nor have any desire to investigate Conrad Murray. But there are two scenarios... he was set up without him knowing, or he is in on the hoax and even remains in jail on purpose as part of the hoax or is not present in jail until and only when the media arrives to do another news story about him. Like I said, I have no desire to investigate the MJ stuff fully because my perspective is not part of the society-cult perspective and thus does not fit in anywhere.  But I just wanted to remind you that EVERYTHING CAN BE HOAXED.

I doubt Michael will surface again in the public as Michael. His fans would tear him apart for doing such a horrific stunt upon their emotions and there would be numerous legal backfiring events to deal with.

Please copy, retain, or circulate my message in case it gets deleted.
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Re: Secrets

  • on: January 16, 2014, 09:08:55 PM
Interesting post, Anonymous.  :icon_eek:

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Re: Secrets

  • on: January 16, 2014, 09:44:18 PM
thanx that's interesting  ;)

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Re: Secrets

  • on: January 16, 2014, 10:57:48 PM
Well that's definitely food for thought. :icon_bounce:  

Not sure what to think here but ya, interesting for sure and that's an understatement.

You might not come back and post again but I have to ask...what about John Lennon? Princess Diana? Freddie Mercury?  They weren't really "Hollywood" per se but to be honest I have wondered/hoped that they could still be alive somehow. 

And is it just me or is it coincidental  that these sort of 'revelations' tend to happen after the forum has been down then restored? 

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Re: Secrets

  • on: January 17, 2014, 12:45:17 AM
Andrea, the most important info to gleam from what I wrote is actually not about the celebrities themselves but rather the hoaxing nature of the major news media... which is far greater, extensive, and worse.  That sort of is the main message I want to get across.

Operations like CNN, Reuters, AP, etc should be considered as Hollywood productions. Local news outlets are more-or-less just aggregating what the big majors state and thus usually are not part of the hoaxing other than acts of censorship, i.e. stuff they are ordered not to talk about. The locals do carry out local story coverage which is usually real, like a tanker truck that flips over on the nearby freeway. CNN however is a 24 hour live Hollywood production with a dash of real news mixed in.  Celebrities cannot manipulate the media simply because the later is too powerful and they all are actually in the same bed together, aka they are buddies. In some cases the celebs are getting a cut of the ad revenues for their stunts and events. InfoWars, the leading alternative media source, was secretly created by Ted Turner. Be it the fake moon landings, the non-Holocaust of WWII, the CGI airplanes on 9/11.... the media and Hollywood is not your friend.  Powerful elites and billions of dollars, all behind the schemes. And the schemes are totally evil.  The illusions are so effective, with inclusion of government and professional sectors, the general public usually has no idea how much trickery is going on.  And as a result, great secrets are kept from the public and great cons are imposed upon the population. Of course you probably know this stuff by now. But this is only a reminder that when it comes to Hollywood death fakers the major media is completely in on the hoax too.  And actually a Hollywood death hoax is minor event. With regards to secrets being kept from the public, here are some examples not reported on by CNN 'the most trusted name in news':  The moon has been flipping upside down for the last 6 months, there is a new dwarf sun in our solar system, Pope Benedict announced the return of Christ last March and the Pope and his staff were kidnapped, the fungus frequency causing cancer is beamed into everybody on purpose via cell phones and cell towers, root canals are designed to kill you,  Nelson Mandela died in June 2013 not in December 2013, and so much more. I am the step-son of a late Grammy winning celebrity so I get to see things from a different vantage point although most of you are cluing in or know about the deceptions going on but perhaps with regards to other topics.  I won't mention my Vatican connection.

Diana = murdered.  John = murdered.  Freddy = death hoaxer.  Freddy helped to perpetuate the AIDS scam on the public, which was a manufactured virus patent number 4647773.

Key to all of this is what Voltaire said: 'To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.'  Aka, the Jews. Specifically, the Talmud Zionist Jews. Who are not actually Jews but rather Khazar Mongolians. As per the Talmud and Torah, their 'god' is Lucifer. Lucifer loves deception.

And these 'revelations' are happening quite simply for one reason: we are in the end-times now. Angels versus demons. Everybody is angelically waking up to a remarkable degree and is starting en mass to see all the demonic deception going on. I am even stunned and amazed at some of the observations and discoveries made by people here even with regards to the MJ topic. I am only providing a few minor clues/keys. Regarding the forum closure, not sure; I am a newbie here (and I won't be here long). 

Please explain your observation more about revelations that seem to occur after forums are restored, if that is what you meant. Or clarify please. Thanks
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