Debbie Rowe blames many for MJ's Death

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Debbie Rowe blames many for MJ's Death

  • on: November 06, 2013, 03:02:05 AM
On 17 octomber I saw on internet, this photo of Debbie ,and I knew that something it's about to be cooked  :ghsdf:.

And now finally ,we have the pie lol,and a video with her......crying and showing some her horses therapy also:

Michael Jackson's ex Debbie Rowe is opening up about who she believes should be blamed for the King of Pop's death, saying many of the people who worked closely with him over the years never attempted to intervene to help him. In an exclusive interview, Rowe tells ET's Rob Marciano, "There were more people involved, every dancer, every musician, every camera man, every sound man that was on that stage that saw him falling apart. God forbid one of them take out a camera and give it to someone like Entertainment Tonight and stop it."

She goes on to explain that in her opinion, people who worked with and around Michael Jackson were too selfish to reach out to the troubled pop star. "They wanted to work with Michael Jackson. They wanted to go on tour with Michael Jackson…All the people that claim to be so close to him who've always been there for him, who've always done everything for him, not one person tried to stop it…[It] is more important to people to say they worked on something. A man died. A father died. A son died."

Like Corey Feldman's mother said recently  :icon_e_wink:  :icon_geek::
'There’s always good with bad. It’s not all negative.

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Re: Debbie Rowe blames many for MJ's Death

  • on: November 06, 2013, 05:49:42 AM
Was she that close to him to know this kind of things ? I doubt it .....:D
I'll be forever searching for your love .I love you Michael

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Re: Debbie Rowe blames many for MJ's Death

  • on: November 06, 2013, 07:14:01 PM
Michael knew all this:eliminate the negative people around himself is one of the reasons of June 25.
 ;D Is  Debbie  speaking or Michael ?  ;D


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Re: Debbie Rowe blames many for MJ's Death

  • on: November 06, 2013, 09:18:35 PM
Everyone rips the clothes, saying that many knew that MJ had a bad environment.
Why, Debbie, do not try to help MJ??? Debbie, had contact with MJ, as to know everything she says?
I agree with Blankie, MJ knew everything, so the 06-25-09   :WTF:


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