Corey Feldman Raises Doubts on Michael Jackson's Death

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I just have to get back to that Corey Feldman video Applehead posted.  Check out this insightful and frame by frame analysis of the esoteric meaning behind it.  This particular line really got me.  Referring to the Archangel Michael, whose descent from heaven heralds the end times, he notes that 'He leads a great deception upon the world.    ;D


*Modified the post to include a working Youtube link. Gwynned, hope I inserted the right smiley (yours got lost while I was working on this ;) ) // MaryK
I don't think CF is making fun of MJ; I think he also knows that MJ is The Chosen One. I think he knows the Big picture. It relates to TS's Sign #1. Carlos Santana called MJ the Archangel.